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3D Geonet Erosion Control Mat And Plastic Geonet

This is the production live video of high quality plastic geonet factory price produced by plastic geonet manufacturers.

3D geonet erosion control mat and high quality plastic geonet is used to love mat sort of a gourd network three-dimensional structure for the planting soil, loose and versatile, with a ninetieth house filling soil, gravel, and fine stone, plant roots will intervene, comfy, orderly and balanced growth, once growing grass mat, turf, soil. The surface tightly along, owing to the plant roots deep below the surface of thirty – 40cm, forming a protecting layer of inexperienced composite solid. Before the turf grows, it protects the surface of the soil from rain and wind. will firmly hold the seeds equally distributed on the slope, from the wind and rain erosion and scour. The black mat will absorb an oversized quantity of warmth energy, increase ground wetness, promote seed germination, and prolong plant growth amount.

Due to the rough surface, the wind and water flow on the surface of the mat to supply various eddy currents, leading to energy dissipation, prompting its carrying deposition network mat. The compound protecting layer shaped once the plant grows up will face up to the high water level and high-speed scouring (within 2 days will face up to three – 4m/s, four-five hours will face up to five – 6m/s). Slope protection material replaces concrete, asphalt, stones and different permanent, used for the main road, railway, river, dam, and slope protection.

The project value may be greatly reduced, that is that the value of C15 concrete and dry block stone slope protection 1/7, and also the value of building block stone 1/8. once contact the sand land surface, it will stop the movement of the dunes, greatly improve the surface roughness, increase the surface sediment, modification the physical and chemical properties of the surface, and improve the ecological atmosphere within the native areas.

The special advanced composite method, appropriate for the main road, railway, water conservancy, mine, municipal engineering slope protection, to forestall wearing away, garden atmosphere greening environmental protection most well-liked material.

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