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Tai’an Taidong Produces Advanced HDPE Geomembrane

In 2015, Tai’an Taidong introduced an advanced HDPE geomembrane production equipment again, which adopts intelligent full automatic production. It can not only produce a variety of high-density polyethylene geomembranes such as smooth HDPE geomembrane, single textured HDPE geomembrane, and double textured HDPE film, but also its production capacity is about 4 times higher than the old equipment.

Tai’an Taidong can produce double color geomembrane two, for example, one side is black, the other side is green, white or any color you’re required.

black and green HDPE geomembrane

The new production line can produce 10m width HDPE geomembrane and thickness from 0.1mm to 4mm. It completely meets the different requirements of the clients. The production capacity is about 20tons/line per day. Now, we have totally 2 lines. All the production according to the GB standard and America GRI GM-13 standard. Each batch will be strictly tested after production to ensure to deliver the qualified products to our clients.

Our HDPE geomembrane was exported to different countries and applied in different engineering fields, such as aquaculture in Southeast Asian countries and South America, sewage treatment in the Philippines, bridge construction in Pakistan, water storage project in Africa, tailings treatment project in Canada, landfill project in Australia and so on. Welcome to visit and talk about the business in our factory.

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