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Advantages of pond impermeable membrane

The surface of the permeable membrane is smooth, which reasonably avoids the escape of fish in rainy weather. Its important role is to prevent fish from directly contacting the soil layer and prevent water pollution. The anti-leakage membrane can not only prevent the deposition of dirt in the soil layer, but also prevent harmful substances such as ammonia, hydrogen chloride, acidic substances, iron, etc. from entering the pond, reduce the occurrence of diseases, and reasonably maintain and promote the growth and development of fish. The anti-seepage membrane of the pond can smooth the surface of the pond, facilitate the removal of garbage in the pond, facilitate fishing, and protect the pond slope from corrosion.

Pond impervious membrane specifications

The size of the anti-aging pool film is 6 meters wide, and the thickness can be roughly divided into 0.3-1.0mm..*Generally 0.5mm* can make the pool film have a larger natural thickness, better quality, and longer life.

Geomembrane Construction Quality and Safety Assurance Measures

The construction method of the impervious membrane for the pond is as follows:

Clean the pavement, make the terrace and the surrounding walls smooth, and prevent the water seepage film from damaging the terrace. Install an impermeable membrane in sunny and cloudless weather. After the traffic accidents on the road and surrounding areas are handled, seepage prevention treatment should be carried out immediately.

Its characteristic is that it can maintain the water flow of the pond’s bevel, improve the operability of the water body, control the composition of dissolved oxygen, have the function of cleaning, disinfection, and sterilization, easy to catch fish, shrimp, eel, and other water-based substances, avoid wear and reduce turbidity.

In practical applications, the effect of the pond impermeable membrane is as follows:

After the impermeable membrane is used, weeds, silt, and other items will not easily harm the fishing rate in the pond, so fishing can be carried out more effectively. The fishing time is greatly shortened, and the umami taste of shrimp meat is greatly increased.

Under the maintenance of plastic wrap, the adaptability of bacteria to the natural environment will be greatly reduced, thereby ensuring the healthy growth and development of fish and shrimp, avoiding or reducing the spread of bacterial diseases, thereby increasing the production of fish and shrimp.


As a result of saving a lot of time, the fish farming cycle is speeded up and the output is increased.

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