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Anti-aging Effect And Application Of Anti-seepage Geomembrane

Anti-seepage geomembrane anti-aging ability, anti-aging performance – anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent anti-aging, anti-UV, anti-decomposition ability, can be used barely, the material service life of 50-70 years, providing good environment anti-seepage Material guarantee. The anti-seepage high quality LDPE geomembrane can also be used barely, with a service life of 50-70 years, a tensile strength of 28MP, and a cold-resistant temperature range of -60 degrees Celsius to 70 degrees Celsius. Can be widely used in the promotion of pools, and the welding is excellent.

Anti-seepage geomembrane aging is one of the inherent characteristics of polymer materials and cannot be completely eliminated. However, effective measures can be taken to delay the aging of anti-seepage film. The measures to delay aging can be started from two aspects: on the one hand, adding anti-aging agents to raw materials, and suppressing the effects of external factors such as light, oxygen, and heat on materials, such as blending appropriate amounts of antioxidants, light stabilizers, and dark carbon. Black and so on. On the other hand, protective measures are taken in the project, such as minimizing the exposure time of materials in sunlight, using geotechnical (required above 30cm thick) or deep water cover.

Anti-seepage geomembrane and composite anti-seepage geomembrane anti-seepage geotechnical data, with high strength, good anti-seepage function, strong deformation, lightweight, wide width, convenient construction, low cost, and high cost, is widely used in water conservancy, In the anti-seepage project of electric power, metallurgy, environmental protection, urban construction, railway, highway, military, agriculture, mining, etc.

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Anti-seepage geomembrane thermoplastic non-polar data, in the construction of the corner joints and its connection with the construction is generally the use of adhesive bonding method, this method is difficult to reach the fantasy results. The seam of this method is too low, only about 40% of the strength of the composite base metal. When it encounters the anti-seepage structure of the complex shape, the reserved seam of the composite anti-seepage LDPE geomembrane manufacturers is limited, and the coil is laid. Excessive wrinkles will form a lot of money for the data, and the helium will be densely backfilled in the soil, and the tension will be too tight to form a dangling, which is easy to be broken.

The welding quality of the welding method is affected by many factors such as film thickness, temperature, wind, humidity, voltage, cushion flatness, and other factors, and the welding width is too narrow, and the strength and water stopping result are difficult to guarantee. Moreover, the PE composite anti-seepage geomembrane and the concrete and metal of the building cannot be connected by welding. Therefore, the PE anti-seepage geomembrane construction connection skills directly affect the implementation of the new geotechnical composition data of PE composite anti-seepage geomembrane.

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