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Anti-seepage Geomembrane Treatment Process

Is the anti-seepage geomembrane treatment the key to construction?

Seam treatment is the key procedure of construction, which directly affects the operational life of the project. Some matters must be paid attention to during construction. Certain PE film and PET non-adhesive layer are reserved on both sides of the film. The high quality HDPE geomembrane trend of each unit should be adjusted during laying.

Before welding, adjust the PE film on both sides of the joint and adjust the temperature and speed (also can be glued). Its ultra-high performance has been widely recognized by the majority of users to make it a certain broadband, and flat without wrinkles.

After laying, it should be pressed with sandbags to melt the surface, and then integrated into one by pressure. In case of wind-proof connection, it is best to weld with technicians with certain experience, and there is no need for dirt at the edge joints. Moisture, dust, etc.

Save Material In Geomembrane Engineering Of Welding Construction

The anti-seepage HDPE geomembrane manufacturers are laid in a safe range to ensure no excavation, and appropriate spacing is left as required during the laying to allow for splicing and adaptation to temperature changes. All test welding is carried out to determine the welding process parameters, and the length of the test welding is not less than 1 m.

The environmental stress cracking index of HDPE geomembrane is a test method for temperature stress and temperature stress relaxation using elastic theory and viscoelastic model. The effects of ambient temperature change on the environmental stress cracking index of HDPE geomembrane and the regularity of HDPE geomembrane temperature stress with time were studied by using tensile pressure sensor, thermocouple, and displacement meter.

The experimental results show that the temperature stress of HDPE geomembrane changes with the change of ambient temperature. When the ambient temperature drops, the HDPE geomembrane shrinks to produce temperature stress. The HDPE geomembrane environmental stress cracking index is 1500 hours after the laboratory. The index can reach 80% of the base metal, indicating that HDPE geomembrane products have strong anti-aging properties. The anti-aging index of HDPE geomembrane is inseparable from the carbon black, anti-aging agent and anti-UV agent added in the production process of HDPE geomembrane. The high quality aquaculture geomembrane is a high-density polyethylene resin to add a certain proportion of carbon black mother and anti-aging. It is a new type of waterproof building material used for anti-seepage and moisture-proof. It is made of American ASTM test standard and fully meets the requirements of American GRI-GM13 standard and national standard.

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