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Application Analysis of Geocell Restoration Slope in Hydropower Station Dam Project

Abstract: With the continuous development of society, people pay more attention to the hydropower station. However, in the process of hydropower station construction, the construction quality is often damaged. For this, it needs to be constructed in the hydropower station. Take certain technical measures at the time high quality gravel geocell. At present, the technical means adopted in the construction of hydropower projects is mainly geotechnical grid slope protection technology. The application of this technology can not only ensure the quality and construction period of hydropower station construction but also play a significant role in saving costs and investment.

Keywords: gravel geocell for sale; slope protection; construction

In the in-depth study of the geotechnical laboratory technology in the present society, it is found that this technology has been widely used in various construction projects in China because of its many advantages. Especially in the process of hydropower station construction, adopting this technical method to carry out slope protection plays an important role in improving the construction quality of hydropower itself and reducing construction time. In the analysis of the cost of this technique means high quality gravel geocell, it is also known that this technology means less investment in the implementation process than the similar construction technology, which can effectively save engineering costs.

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1. Characteristics of geocells

To ensure that plastic geocells for sale are widely used in the construction industry, a comprehensive understanding of the technology’s own characteristics is needed. What needs to be understood in this process is mainly the composition of the materials inside the gravel geocell for sale. In practice research, it is found that the plastic geocells factory price used in the construction of hydropower stations in China are mainly composed of polyethylene, and the structural forms are mostly three-dimensional network structures. Moreover, it needs to be filled with effective technical means during construction. The materials selected in the filling are mainly sand, gravel, and mud. The selection of these filling materials is mainly because these materials are more convenient and are filled. The process does not affect the surrounding environment. When filling, the corresponding materials can also be combined to effectively improve the carrying capacity of the plastic geocells manufacturers itself, so that it can become a roadbed device with strong stability. In the in-depth study of the plastic geocells for sale used in the construction of hydropower stations, it also found that its own characteristics are also very extensive, mainly in six aspects, here I will elaborate on these six aspects.

First, since the main component of the plastic geocells manufacturers is polyethylene, this results in a lighter material for the wholesale HDPE geocell itself, and in the comprehensive study of polyethylene, it is also found that the material’s ignorance is very stable, that is to say The gravel geocell for sale made of this material can be used in different environments and has a wide range of uses. Secondly, polyethylene itself has a certain anti-slip property. Therefore, when the plastic geocells manufacturers are installed at a higher position, the plastic geocells for sale compartment can be effectively controlled, and the possibility that the geologic format itself is deformed is also very low. This will play a non-negligible role in increasing the bearing capacity of the subgrade and dispersing the load of the entire hydropower station. Third, because this plastic geocells factory price has its own very good carrying capacity and dynamic performance, this material can effectively resist the corrosion of some substances during the construction of the hydropower station and reduce its own damage caused by corrosion. It makes it more widely used in the construction of hydropower stations. Fourth, in general, when the plastic geocells manufacturers are under construction, it is necessary to effectively adjust the overall structure of the hydropower station. From this point, it can be seen that the wholesale HDPE geocell itself has the characteristics of being able to change its own state. The high quality gravel geocell change in the process is mainly done by changing the geometric dimensions such as its own height and joint spacing. This shows that the geotechnical format can fully meet the hydropower station construction under different conditions. Fifthly, in the process of transporting the plastic geocells factory price, because of its light material and simple connection, this is very convenient for the construction of the hydropower station, and the construction speed is very fast and effective in this process. Reduce the time invested in the construction of hydropower stations. Sixth, it is also clear clearly that the filling materials in the wholesale HDPE geocell are mainly sand, gravel, and soil. The selection of these filling materials is also relatively simple and can be selected at the construction site. This shows that the use of plastic geocells manufacturers in the construction of hydropower stations can not neglect the construction cost of the entire hydropower station.

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2. The concrete construction method for geotechnical compartment slope protection

2.1 Measuring the payoff
After the earthwork of the dam body is filled to a certain height, the hydraulic backhoe excavator is used to roughly cut the slope of the falling slope. During the slope cutting process, the surveyor must follow up the control to smooth the dam slope after the slope cutting. The degree is controlled within ±10 cm. Then, the surveyor performs accurate measurement of the pay-off line on the slope surface, including the slope elevation and the plane size of the gravel geocell for sale layout, and sets control piles at the laying boundary line to identify the elevation control mark.

2.2 dam slope cutting and trimming
In order to meet the requirements of the smoothness of the dam slope after the plastic geocells for sale is laid, before the plastic geocells factory price is laid, the first artificial slope cutting surface (the geotechnical pavement foundation surface) should be subjected to secondary artificial precise slope trimming. The smoothness of the slope after cutting the slope is controlled within ±3 cm. Before cutting the slope, the wire should be accurately hung according to the elevation control mark marked on the measuring control pile. To ensure the smoothness of the slope of each part, the wire should be hung on the diagonal pile at the same time. After the line is hung, the slope is cut and the surface is repaired by hand. The original cut surface soil is filled in time with the original undercut part, and the surface is compacted high quality gravel geocell. The excess sloped soil is first concentrated on the slope cutting range and then concentrated. Car transportation.

2.3 Geocell locating and laying
After the slope of a certain area is trimmed by artificial slope and the flatness meets the requirements, the plastic geocells for sale can be positioned and laid. First, the positioning is carried out. If the first plastic geocells manufacturers are laid, the baseline should be found according to the results of the measurement and combined with the edge of the slope or the outline of the building (construction), and then the baseline is used as a monolith. The edge of the cell begins to be positioned and laid. In the subsequent laying process, the grid edge line that has been laid can be used as the positioning standard. When laying, firstly, the bundled single-piece gravel geocell for sale are loosened, and then 6 to 8 people are used to spread the plastic geocells factory price from the four sides to the slopes evenly according to the size of the unfolded area. When unfolding, pay attention to geotechnical work. The force in both directions of the length and width of the cell should be as uniform as possible to ensure that it does not cause excessive unidirectional force and severe deformation of the cell. After the small mesh with uniform length and width is formed in the expanded area of ​​the cell wholesale HDPE geocell, the geometrical dimension of the cell length and width is measured by the steel tape measure.

2.4 Backfilling soil excavation
Due to the requirement of greening in the later stage of the dam slope, the soil-filled in the geogrid should be planted soil. To this end, high quality gravel geocell, the soil material that meets the quality requirements of the planting soil is selected near the project area and is mined by a digging machine or a loader, and the dump truck is transported to the vicinity of the construction work surface of the plastic geocells for sale.

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2.5 Earth fill
Different methods can be used to fill the earth material according to the distance from the earth material stacking point to the filling work surface. If the distance is very close, the soil material is piled up around the filling work surface, and can be directly filled by manual wholesale HDPE geocell; if the soil material is stacked far away due to the limitation of the site conditions, in order to improve the construction efficiency, it is proposed to use the excavator and manual filling, first adopt the excavator. Dig the earth material evenly into the grid of the cell, and then manually spread and level.

2.6 Geocell connection
After the construction of a gravel geocell for sale is completed, the adjacent cells are laid. Each of the two compartments is connected by special bolts arranged by the manufacturer. Two bolts are provided at each joint to fully guarantee each two compartments high quality gravel geocell. The connection between the firmness and the geogrid of the entire slope is integrated into the whole, and the slope is fully protected. After the two adjacent cells are bolted, the anchors that have temporarily fixed the four sides can be removed for reuse.


In summary, it can be seen that in the construction of hydropower stations, in order to fully guarantee the construction quality of hydropower stations, it is necessary to use a reasonable geotechnical format for slope protection in this process. In this process, it is necessary to have a comprehensive understanding of the characteristics and applications of the wholesale HDPE geocell itself, so that it can not be ignored for improving the application of plastic geocells factory price in hydropower station construction and ensuring that it plays its biggest role.

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