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Application of Canal Seepage Control Engineering in Rural Irrigation District

As the main carrier of rural production and domestic water and human and livestock drinking water, the safety, reliability, and energy saving of channel operation is particularly important. Due to the comprehensive constraints of factors such as the construction environment wholesale bentonite geosynthetic clay liner, investment funds, and design concepts, most rural channels directly use open channels for the transmission and distribution of water resources.

application of canal seepage control project in rural irrigation district

According to some statistics, the actual water delivery and distribution efficiency of rural channels in my country are low. About 90% of the channels and canal systems have a water utilization coefficient of less than 50%, and some even only about 10%. Due to engineering damage, chaotic management, indiscriminate digging, and other reasons, a large number of water resources are destroyed and wasted in the process of water resources transmission and distribution, which directly affects the safety, economy, and sustainable development of channel operation. Therefore, combining the actual situation of the project, adopting an effective anti-seepage reinforcement plan, improving the anti-seepage performance of the channel and the economic benefits of the operation, and ensuring the rational development and utilization of limited water resources is an important manifestation of the rural “benefit projects”.

From the perspective of the application practice of canal anti-seepage projects in rural irrigation areas, when conventional anti-seepage materials such as clay, cement-soil, masonry, and concrete are used for anti-seepage reinforcement, it is often accompanied by high construction difficulty filament nonwoven geotextile factory price, poor anti-seepage effect, and high comprehensive cost. problem. However, the new composite geomembrane anti-seepage material has the characteristics of lightweight, convenient construction, and high-cost performance. In practice, it can achieve simple, reliable, and efficient anti-seepage and water-saving reinforcement and repair effects.

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