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Application of Geobag

Ecological Restoration

1. River Banks: natural coastal zone environment where humans and wildlife coexist.
2. Mine greening: comprehensive utilization of mine gangue, scientific regulation of subsidence area, afforestation of barren hills, purification of water gas, and creation of a new era of mine ecological restoration and barren hills greening.
3. Seacoast, surface landslide control, culvert mouth, drainage ditch, soil erosion, irrigation system, etc.
4. Constructed wetlands: ecological restoration.
5. Roof greening.


1. Road slope protection: railway, highway slope protection, suitable for excavation slope and fill slope.
2. River and lake slope protection: suitable for river, lake, and reservoir slope protection.
3. Special applications: military facilities and flood emergency response, shelters, flood control dikes, etc.

Landscaping and Residential

1. Vertical greening and garden art.
2. Commercial residential area.
3. Roof garden-style greening.

Application of Geobag

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