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Application of Geomembrane in Leachate Conditioning Pool

The control of landfill leachate pollution is a key issue in landfill operation. The amount of leachate produced is affected by many factors. From the perspective of landfill engineering design and operation management, the amount of leachate on the leachate treatment system The scale, treatment process and environmental assessment of the landfill are all crucial. In this process, the role of the textured geomembrane factory price is well exerted.

Generally speaking, the first facility of the leachate treatment system is the use of a regulating tank, which is a structure that has the functions of homogenization and storage or sewage pretreatment. The volume design proposes requirements that should match the landfill process and residence time, the amount of leachate produced, and the scale of supporting sewage treatment facilities.

Application of Geomembrane in Leachate Conditioning Pool

The use of these ponds requires long-term exposure to the open environment. Long-term exposure to the sun, severe cold and severe erosion and corrosion will affect their service life. The LDPE geomembrane factory price produced by our company is the world’s leading geotechnical product, which can effectively prevent the leachate from polluting the groundwater environment.

Generally speaking, during the construction of the anti-seepage membrane, each batch of HDPE anti-seepage membrane needs to be sampled and spot-checked in accordance with national standards, and the on-site sampling of the anti-seepage membrane is used to conduct the quality inspection of the anti-seepage membrane produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers is an important means, so what standards should we meet when conducting on-site sampling of impermeable membranes?

1. Make sure that the sampling sample is a part of a certain volume of the batch of products and the sample should be excluded from the inner and outer packaging layers of the coil or other materials that cannot be represented by the sample.

2. Sampling on the sample along the width in a random manner and must be the measured value within 15cm on both sides of the film roll.

3. Sampling from each sample should ensure that the edge of the sample is 10cm beyond the edge of the measuring point in all directions.

4. In order to obtain 95% reliability, many samples should be taken from each batch of samples, so that the error between the average value of the measurement result and the true average value of the samples does not exceed 5%.

The on-site sampling and sampling inspection of the anti-seepage membrane is to ensure that the quality of the anti-seepage membrane produced by aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers meets the standards and is also a very necessary means to ensure the quality of the project during the subsequent construction. The quality of construction must be guaranteed.

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