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Application of Composite Geomembrane in Reservoir Reinforcement

Abstract: Reinforcement of reservoirs is very important. PE composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers have been widely used in various reservoirs for reinforcement work due to its low cost and good anti-seepage effect. The composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane is better applied in the reinforcement project for a detailed introduction.

Keywords: composite LDPE geomembrane for sale; reservoir; reinforcement

China’s land area is vast, and the construction of the reservoir is also spread all over the country. After the reservoir is built for a long time, the leakage problem is very terrible. The tiny leakage may cause the entire reservoir to be destroyed. Therefore, in order to protect the safety of the people’s property, the reinforcement work of the reservoir is very important. In the modern and contemporary reservoir seepage prevention and reinforcement project, the relevant staff often choose to use the composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers material and use the composite LDPE geomembrane for sale to make the reservoir dam surface. The anti-seepage repair function not only can greatly save the engineering cost but also is very effective for the repair effect of the reservoir. The author will briefly explain how to use the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane to carry out reservoir reinforcement work from the construction process and quality inspection.

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1 Main construction process of composite geomembrane

In the use of composite LDPE geomembrane for sale reservoirs, the full-buried buried pressure construction plan is often selected. When the buried pressure is carried out, it is generally carried out along the axis of the dam, in order from top to bottom, first Lay the middle part of the dam, and then extend it to both sides. After stacking and welding, the two sides will be supplemented to carry out the dam reinforcement work. In the process of use, the staff should select environmental geomembrane manufacturers with a width of 4m, install it on the drum shaft at the top of the dam, and then place it from top to bottom by manpower without the aid of mechanical equipment. In the process of high quality LDPE geomembrane, workers should pay attention to the lowering speed of the composite high quality LDPE geomembrane, keep it in a relatively uniform rhythm, and control the slack of the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane. Can not be stretched too tightly, to avoid damage to the dam caused by the strength of the composite LDPE geomembrane for sale tightly tightened, controlled at 3% slack.

Before the composite high quality LDPE geomembrane is laid, water can be sprinkled under the cushion to enhance the friction between the clay and the geotextile of the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers, so that the slope can be more closely attached, and during the laying of the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers, The most important thing is the base engineering and the manufacture of the protective layer. The cushion under the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers needs bauxite. According to the specific condition of the composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers of the laying unit, the direction is adjusted, and the two edges of the joint PE are adjusted. The thick joints are clean and clean.

If the composite LDPE geomembrane for sale joint work is not handled well, it will have a great impact on the reinforcement of the entire reservoir, and the life of the project will be greatly shortened. When the composite high quality LDPE geomembrane is seamed, the staff generally adopts two methods, one of which is the bonding method. This method is easily affected by environmental factors near the dam. The construction process is very sensitive to temperature and humidity. The high requirements, this led to the construction speed of the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers joint project is relatively slow, and the quality is not guaranteed. In most cases, the construction team will choose the hot welding method to complete the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane joint. The thermostatic automatic crawling heat welding machine that appears on the market today is the most commonly used welding tool. The specific welding process is: measuring the reservoir The temperature in the vicinity is further adjusted according to the measured data, and the optimal creeping speed and heat sealing temperature are calculated. In most cases, the operating temperature of the heat sealing machine is in the range of 180 to 200 ° C, thus The bottom-up sucking is used for heat-sealing welding. It should be noted that when seaming is performed, it is necessary to weld two weld seams within 10 cm of the joint width.

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2 Application of composite geomembrane quality inspection

After completing the composite high quality LDPE geomembrane laying project, the project quality inspection should also be carried out to ensure the composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers laying and welding quality pass, and the reservoir reinforcement work can be completed well. Quality inspection work is usually carried out in several aspects: testing whether the composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers is leaking, whether there is burn on the joint, whether there are wrinkles on the composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane and the quality of the joint at the seam. In the case of composite LDPE geomembrane for sale weld inspection, a combination of inflation and ozone detection is usually used.

In the sampling test, the sampling range should be 1000m2 once in accordance with the requirements, and the samples should be sent to professional water science institutes and survey institutes for testing. The main testing items for sampling inspection include indoor stretching and welding. For the seam strength test, etc., only the sample with the weld strength not lower than 80% of the base material is counted as a qualified sample. When the pull test is performed, the sample break position is required not to be at the joint. The inflation method uses the air compressor that meets the testing standard to perform the pressure inflation test. Generally, both ends of the double weld are sealed, and then pressurized to a range of 105 to 115 MPa, and then the vacuum table is observed. For the detection, the advantage of the inflation method is that the operation is simple, and the detection effect is remarkable, and the quality inspection time can be greatly saved under the condition of ensuring reliable detection effect, which is beneficial to the promotion of the reservoir reinforcement project.

3 Conclusion

When carrying out the reinforcement and reinforcement work of the reservoir, it is a common phenomenon to use the low-cost composite LDPE geomembrane manufacturers. The composite high quality LDPE geomembrane has an excellent anti-slip effect can resist penetration well, and the surface friction of the composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers is large. Advantages, the operation is relatively simple when performing composite wholesale LDPE geomembrane laying and film seam welding. Relevant users should pay attention to the design of the construction plan, come up with scientific and reasonable use plan, strictly demand material quality, supervise the construction process, in composite geotechnical Before the laying of the membrane, carefully check the base surface, pay attention to the protective measures during the construction process, and strictly follow the construction rules and regulations to maximize the reservoir reinforcement work.

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