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Application of Geomembrane on Leachate Conditioning Tank

Landfill leachate pollution control is a key issue in landfill operation. The amount of leachate produced is affected by many factors. From the perspective of landfill project design and operation management, the amount of leachate water is critical to the scale of the leachate treatment system, the processing technology, and the environmental assessment of the landfill.

The first facility of the leachate treatment system is a conditioning tank. The regulation tank defined in “Technical Specifications for Sanitary Landfill of Domestic Waste” (CJJ 1722004) is a structure with homogenization, regulation and storage functions or sewage pretreatment functions, which is set before the leachate treatment system. The volume design should be matched with the requirements of the landfill process, residence time, leachate production and the scale of supporting sewage treatment facilities.

These ponds are generally exposed to the open air and have been exposed to long-term exposure to sunlight, severe cold, and severe erosion and corrosion, which affect their service life. The high quality LDPE geomembrane produced by Soma Canada is the world’s leading geotechnical product, which can effectively prevent the leachate from polluting the groundwater environment.

Why use the HDPE membrane for the anti-seepage of the regulating pool?
At present, adjustment tanks usually adopt the structural types of reinforced concrete and earthen ponds. However, these structural types have the disadvantages of high engineering cost, complicated construction technology, long construction period, and easy cracking, especially when applied to some large-volume pools (such as adjustment tanks, Aeration tank), these defects are more prominent. At the same time, the earth pond structure type has poor anti-seepage performance, while HDPE geomembrane has good anti-seepage performance, which can make up for this shortcoming. However, it is not completely independent, but supplements the reinforced concrete structure in order to achieve better results (such as the location of the installation equipment, the concrete needs to be poured). In addition, HDPE geomembrane has the advantages of low cost, good impermeability, good chemical stability, good resistance to ultraviolet light aging, and resistance to rodent and microbial invasion, while avoiding the risk of leakage, so the HDPE film for the anti-seepage of the adjustment tank More assurance.

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