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Application Of Geomembrane Seepage Prevention In Reservoir

Do you know how geomembranes are used in reservoirs? Here we will give you a detailed introduction to the application of geomembrane seepage prevention in reservoirs.

HDPE Geomembrane Used To Aquaculture

1. Environmental protection, sanitation (such as domestic waste landfill, sewage treatment plant, power plant regulation pool, industrial, solid waste, etc.)

2. Water conservancy (such as anti-seepage, plugging, reinforcement, anti-seepage of canals, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc.)

3. Municipal works (metro, underground construction of buildings, planting roofs, seepage prevention of roof gardens, the lining of sewage pipes, etc.)

4. Garden (artificial lake, river, reservoir, slope lining of the golf course, slope protection, waterproofing of green lawn, etc.)

5. Petrochemical (chemical plant, refinery, gas storage tank anti-seepage of the gas station, chemical reaction tank, the lining of sedimentation tank, secondary lining, etc.)

6. Mining (washing tank, heap leaching tank, ash yard, dissolution tank, sedimentation tank, yard, tailings, anti-seepage, etc.)

7. Transportation facilities (basis reinforcement of roads, seepage prevention of culverts)

8. Agriculture (reservoir, drinking water pool, storage pond, anti-seepage of irrigation system)

9. Aquaculture (intensification, factory farming ponds, fish ponds, the lining of shrimp ponds, sea cucumber ring slope protection, etc.)

10. Salt industry (salt field crystallization tank, brine pool cover, salt film, salt pool plastic enamel film) warp-knitted composite waterproof geotextile has superior water-blocking, durability, and protection. Can be widely used in railways, highways, sports halls, dams, hydraulic construction, burrowing, beach coating, cofferdam, environmental protection, and other projects.

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