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Application Of Geotextile In Water Conservancy Project

Waterproof geotextiles can be used in water conservancy projects, such as seawall, River embankment, Lake embankment, reservoir reinforcement works, reclamation works, and flood prevention and rescue. Waterproof geotextiles can also be used in highway, railway and airport engineering. In this respect, they mainly include soft foundation reinforcement, slope protection, anti-reflection crack structure layer of pavement, drainage system, and the application of green isolation belt. Waterproof geotextiles can also be used in electrical engineerings, such as nuclear power plant foundation engineering, thermal power ash dam engineering, hydropower station engineering, etc. For the application technology of geosynthetics, the state has put forward normative technical requirements from seepage prevention, filtration, drainage, reinforcement, protection, and other aspects, and has greatly accelerated the pace of the promotion and application of new materials.

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When laying geotextiles, roll coil from top to bottom, first slope and then reservoir bottom, and ensure smooth laying. When laying geotextiles on the slope, one end of the geotextiles should be anchored, and then the coils should be laid down along the slope to ensure that the geotextiles are in a tension state. When laying the bottom geotextiles, the temporary embedding of stones is carried out during the laying period, and the stones are retained until the construction of the next working procedure. Joints must be tight, and the construction of the next working procedure can be carried out only after the polyester nonwoven geotextile under the membrane are laid well and pass the project supervision and acceptance.

Good product protection, filament geotextiles are not easily exposed to long-term sunlight, in storage and construction should pay attention to product protection, use plastic film or other covers to do a good job of sunscreen, waterproof treatment. At present, all kinds of farmland and water conservancy projects have been started, filament geotextiles are also becoming popular in this industry, visiting custom geotextiles, we welcome your arrival with excellent quality and high-quality service.

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