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Application of HDPE Geomembrane in Fish Pond Breeding Industry

HDPE geomembrane construction in fish ponds

The HDPE geomembrane should be leveled and compacted before laying, and there should be no gravel roots to prevent the anti-seepage geomembrane from being damaged. After finishing, measure the dimensions and measure the bottom and slope separately, and leave enough margin. According to the measurement size, choose different specifications of anti-seepage China HDPE liner factory price, generally 6m or 8m wide. After the anti-seepage geomembrane is laid, the film and the film are overlapped by about 10cm. It is welded by special welding machine, and the HDPE geomembrane becomes welded by welding. A whole, it has a good anti-seepage effect. After welding, the bottom layer is backfilled with 20-30cm soil layer, and the slope is covered with non-woven fabric to prevent sun exposure, and the purpose of protecting HDPE geomembrane is achieved, and the service life is increased.

The age of the anti-seepage geomembrane in the fish pond

The life of the fish pond impermeable membrane includes many aspects. The anti-seepage geomembrane is used reasonably. When using the anti-seepage geomembrane for daily use, be careful not to use sharp objects to damage the fish pond anti-seepage membrane. When working in the lower pool, you need to wear flat-bottomed boots to prevent puncture of the anti-seepage geomembrane, and the age of the anti-seepage low price China HDPE liner. Played an important role. The second is the placement of HDPE geomembrane. According to the multi-year recording test, HDPE geomembrane has a service life of more than 20 years without being exposed to the sun. If exposed to the sun, the service life is 5-10 years. Therefore, if you want to increase the service life of the anti-seepage geomembrane, it is more important for the later placement of the anti-seepage geomembrane.

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