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Application of sodium bentonite waterproof blanket in ecological landscape engineering in lake area

Na-based bentonite waterproof blanket is a new type of environmentally friendly ecological composite impermeable material. Because of its good impermeability, flexibility, waterproofness, and ease of construction, it plays a good role in water conservancy, ecological environment protection, and other engineering fields. effect. The application of sodium bentonite waterproof blanket in lake area ecological landscape engineering can solve the problems of expansion and compaction and seepage prevention repair of the bentonite layer at the bottom and shore of the lake area.

Sprinkle Water Along the Cutting Line Before Cutting the Bentonite Waterproof Blanket

Due to the small water area and shallow water depth, underground karst develops. Combined with the topographic and geological conditions of the lake area, especially the complex hydrogeological conditions, after comprehensive technical and economic comparison, the flexible material (natural sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket) with strong foundation adaptability is selected for seepage prevention, which can solve the problem of lake bottom leakage. The sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket is composed of graded natural sodium-based bentonite particles and corresponding additives. The bentonite particles are fixed between the geotextile and the plastic woven cloth through a needle punching process and equipment to make a blanket waterproof roll.

Bentonite waterproof blanket not only has all the characteristics of geotechnical materials but also has excellent waterproof (permeability) performance. In terms of technical reliability, the difficulty of implementation, and investment. It is determined that the optimized technical scheme is feasible, the investment is low, and the construction is convenient and quick. “Using natural sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket can prevent the lake bottom and shore leakage.”

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