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Application Of Textured Geomembrane

Especially suitable for underground projects, mining projects, landfills, sewage or waste residue treatment sites as leakproof materials.

1. Environmental protection and sanitation
(e.g. landfill, sewage treatment, poisonous and harmful substance treatment plant, dangerous goods warehouse, industrial waste, construction, and blasting waste, etc.)

2. Water Conservancy
(such as seepage prevention, leak plugging, reinforcement, seepage prevention vertical core wall of canals, slope protection, etc.

3. Municipal works
(subway, underground works of buildings and roof cisterns, seepage prevention of roof gardens, the lining of sewage pipes, etc.)

4. Garden
(artificial lake, pond, golf course pond bottom lining, slope protection, etc.)

5. Petrochemical
(chemical plant, refinery, gas station tank seepage control, chemical reaction tank, sedimentation tank lining, secondary lining, etc.)

6. Mining industry
(bottom lining impermeability of washing pond, heap leaching pond, ash yard, dissolution pond, sedimentation pond, heap yard, tailings pond, etc.)

7. Agriculture
(seepage control of reservoirs, drinking ponds, storage ponds, and irrigation systems)

8. Aquaculture
(lining of the fish pond, shrimp pond, slope protection of sea cucumber circle, etc.)

9. Salt Industry
(salt crystallization pool, brine pool cover, salt textured geomembrane for sale, salt pool geomembrane)

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