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Application Range of Geotextile

Geomembrane is a new type of environmentally friendly material that has been welcomed by consumers, and geotextiles produced by filament nonwoven geotextile manufacturers can also be seen frequently in various engineering constructions. Geotextiles have been widely welcomed in many industries. , The main scope of use includes the following aspects.

1. Geotextile has the functions of protection, protection, interception, drainage pipes, reinforcement, safety protection, puncture prevention, etc., so it is generally used for reinforcement of railway line foundation, maintenance of road ground, safety protection of fitness gymnasium, Protection of hydraulic engineering construction.

2. For tunnels, coastal areas, tidal flats, reclamation, and environmental protection high quality filament nonwoven geotextile, etc., the application range is quite wide, and the use time is also very long. It is resistant to corrosion and aging, and there will be no worms. Even in a very hot environment or a cold environment, there is no deformation, strong stability, good permeability, and high tensile strength.

Application Range of Geotextile

3. Especially in the prevention of soil erosion, the tensile strength and deformation resistance of the soil can be enhanced, so that the structure will be quite stable, its quality will be improved, and the soil will be prevented from being destroyed by external forces filament nonwoven geotextile for sale. This plays a role in protecting the soil.

Geotextile is made by needle punching or weaving synthetic fiber, so it is very good in water permeability, it can effectively drain the water so that the excess water in the soil structure can be discharged, So as not to stress the structure.

Generally, in order to maximize the effect of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price after construction, it is necessary to check the corresponding construction work before construction, and to solve possible construction problems in advance, so as to ensure the geotextile To achieve effective laying without damage, then what preparations do we need to do before constructing the geotextile?

Application Range of Geotextile

1. In order to make better use of geotextiles, it is necessary to check the geotextiles in detail before use. If there are gaps or holes in the fabric surface, it needs to be repaired in time, and If the use of wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is very old, it should be replaced in time.

2. Before using the geotextile, in addition to the detailed inspection of the fabric, there is another point that is also very important, then it is necessary to do a good job of the inspection of the construction site. For example, if you want to level the site well, let’s also see if it is very strong. If there are some sharp objects on the site, you should also take care to remove these items in time.

Before the construction of polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale, it is also necessary to look at the size of the site, cut the length and width of the geotextiles reasonably, grasp the size to be constructed, and avoid unnecessary waste, so as to be effective to certain extent Cost savings.

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