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Application Situation of Filament Geotextile in Railway Construction

We can often see filament geotextiles when constructing highways. In fact, filament geotextiles are also used when laying railways. The application of filament geotextiles in railway engineering has always had a good reputation. The application on the railway also has a very good effect.

The finished wholesale polyester nonwoven geotextile is cloth-like, with a total width of 1 to 7 meters, a length of 50 to 100 meters (or according to user requirements), and a weight of 100-800 grams/person. It also has excellent performance characteristics such as excellent filtration isolation reinforcement and protection, high tensile strength, good permeability, high-temperature resistance, freeze resistance, aging resistance, and corrosion resistance.

Application Situation of Filament Geotextile in Railway Construction

Geotextile itself has a good fabric gap and adhesion. Because the softness of the fiber has certain tear resistance, impermeable membrane force, and good deformation adaptability, it has good flat drainage ability. Good surface softness, good friction coefficient with multiple gaps, can increase the adhesion of soil particles, etc., to prevent the passage of fine particles and discharge excess water.

Filament geotextile has been widely used in railway engineering and has achieved the effect of low cost and high quality. Filament geotextile is one of the high-end products currently produced from pure polyester raw materials. According to the needs of railway engineering, its experience and effects are worthy of recognition. With the development of fiber main function of composite geotextile engineering, the use of waterproof and impervious geotextiles for high-speed railways is indispensable.

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