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Attention to Details During the Construction of Composite Geomembrane

Generally speaking, for the production of composite geomembrane, the geotextile and geomembrane are pressed together by guide rollers on one or both sides of the film through the oven far infrared heating. For the production process of composite low price aquaculture geomembrane, there is one cloth one film, two cloth one film, and two films one cloth, etc. So what are the matters that we need to pay attention to when using composite geomembrane?

1. The composite geomembrane must be protected from oil stains, otherwise, the bonding strength will be reduced. For storage and protection, see the brief introduction of the high quality environmental geomembrane construction method.
2. It is recommended that the contractor notify and send a special person to supervise, if the composite geomembrane is damaged, the construction personnel shall be notified in time for repair.
3. Strengthening the protection and management of the finished composite geomembrane is very important to ensure that the project quality is put into normal operation on schedule.
4. It is recommended that the project pay attention to the following links:
(1) The adhesion of the composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers to the wall should prevent the phenomenon of large-scale hollowing.
(2) The bridge foundation waterproof adopts the steel bar through the film welding method, and the mortar protective layer is to prevent the appearance of quality problems during electric welding.
(3) After the composite geomembrane is welded to the finished product, the protective layer of the lake bottom mortar shall be made first.
No matter what kind of product needs to be constructed, it is very necessary to understand the product before construction, which will have a great impact on our quality assurance during the construction process and later, and for the construction of composite LDPE geomembrane for sale We must prevent the membrane from being damaged.

Attention to Details During the Construction of Composite Geomembrane

A good product for the construction of the project is the basis for ensuring the quality of the construction. However, if the construction is not carried out strictly according to the construction specifications during the construction, the missing parts will also cause great damage to the project. So what details should we pay attention to when constructing geomembrane?

1. Anchor node processing
In landfills, artificial lakes, water channels, and other projects, the anchor trenches are mostly rectangular in shape, and some have inverted triangles. The size of the anchoring groove is 400 to 500 mm wide and 500 to 600 mm deep. After the high quality LDPE geomembrane is buried in the trench, it is filled with raw soil and the density must be more than 90%, and some are backfilled with concrete.

2. Handle the membrane tube (column) node
During the construction of the project, it is inevitable that the pipe (column) passes through the LDPE geomembrane manufacturers. In order to make the joints that are tightly and reliably pre-embedded at least 300mm, the non-concrete base project is to cast plain concrete 150mm thick or 2000mm in diameter around the mouth. HDPE pipe can directly weld the sleeve to the pipe; for pipes of other materials, it needs to be fixed and sealed with a snap ring or other methods.

3. Close node processing
HDPE geomembrane is usually fixed by shooting nails or anchor bolts plus metal gaskets. According to special needs, auxiliary anti-seepage treatment can be carried out under the membrane. When sealing or fixing on vertical or inclined walls, 100mm * 200mm notches or 100mm should be left * The 120mm eaves are fixed with shot nail flat steel, sealed with sealing material, and then protected with steel wire mesh cement or fine stone concrete. The other is to pre-embed HDPE lock strips on the concrete base, just weld the textured geomembrane for sale to the lock strips.

4. Other
Before the construction of HDPE geomembrane in housing construction and tunnel engineering, the leaking parts should be plugged and drained, and the slightly wet concrete base should be treated with polymer mortar; the points and lines with obvious water leakage should be drained with buried pipes The method of introducing water into the drainage ditch.

In many construction projects, the rigorous treatment of these details is neglected, which leads to the phenomenon of leakage finally, causing the failure of the entire project. Therefore, in addition to using high-quality imported high quality textured geomembrane during construction, it is necessary to strictly control the construction quality to ensure the safety and reliability of the entire project.

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