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Attention to The Seam of Geotextile

In engineering construction, the most important thing to ensure construction quality is the quality of the geotextile. After selecting the appropriate filament nonwoven geotextile factory price product, we also need to pay attention to the subsequent laying work, sometimes when laying the geotextile When stitching is needed, how to stitch the geotextile? Are there any requirements during the laying and overlapping process?

The seam of geotextile:
1. Use the same quality suture thread as the polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price. The suture thread should be made of materials resistant to chemical damage and strong ultraviolet radiation;
2. After laying the geotextile, the geomembrane is laid after being approved by the site supervision engineer;
3. The geotextile on the geomembrane is laid after the geomembrane is approved by Party A and the supervisor;
4. The two layers of wholesale polypropylene nonwoven geotextile above and below the membrane should be buried in the anchorage groove together with the geomembrane at the location where the anchorage groove is provided.

Attention to The Seam of Geotextile

The basic requirements during the laying of geotextile:
1. The joint must intersect the slope line and the slope foot balance or where stress may exist. The distance of the horizontal joint must be greater than 1.5m;
2. Anchor one end of the geotextile on the slope surface and put the coiled material down on the slope surface to ensure that the polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale remains tight;
3. All geotextiles must be pressed with sandbags and the sandbags are used during laying and kept until the layer of material above is laid;
4. Grass-roots inspection: check whether the grass-roots is smooth and solid if any foreign objects should be properly handled in advance;
5. Trial paving: According to the on-site situation, determine the high quality polyester nonwoven geotextile size and cut it to trial paving;
6. Check whether the width of the salad is appropriate, and the joint should be smooth and tight;
7. Positioning: Use a hot air gun to bond the overlapping parts of the two geotextiles, and the distance between the bonding points should be appropriate;
8. When stitching the overlapping parts, the suture should be straight and the stitches should be even;

We believe that everyone has a certain understanding of the geotextile seam and the issues that should be paid attention to when laying the polyester nonwoven geotextile manufacturers. When laying the geotextile, you must follow the requirements to ensure the quality of the construction. At the same time, when purchasing geotextile We must also ensure that its quality is up to standard.

Generally speaking, the structure and placement of the drainage system is the drainage system of the multi-function underdrain well drainage, which mainly includes the suction dark pipe and its anti-filter material blind ditch and lateral water collection dark pipe as well as the water collection well and pumping drainage system. When laying polypropylene nonwoven geotextile for sale, the planning of hidden pipe wells is generally the following.

Attention to The Seam of Geotextile

1. Hygroscopic concealed pipes and blind channels for anti-filtering materials: The hygroscopic concealed pipes are arranged along the following two sides of the bottom of the water conveyance ditch. The height of the endpoint of the water and moisture absorption pipe is 1.3 ~ 1.38m from the bottom of the water conveyance ditch. Adopt Φ150 soft permeable pipe, a layer of 350g / m1 is coated on both sides, and the surrounding of impervious high quality polypropylene nonwoven geotextile is filled with medium and coarse sand to improve the actual effect of the filter.

2. Horizontal water collecting concealed pipe: The horizontal water collecting concealed pipe leading to the water collecting well is made of Φ350 concrete pipe, and the surrounding is filled with medium-coarse sand. The overall planning ratio drops by 1/30. At the junction of the hygroscopic pipe and the water collection pipe, PVC three-way pipe and four-way pipe are used separately.

3. Water collection wells and drainage management system: According to the actual results of the drainage measurement, several water collection wells are set on the left embankment of the water conveyance ditch in the central and southern part of the drainage pipeline polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price, the depth of the well is 15.0m, and the bottom elevation is 8.78 m. The good wall is connected with the horizontal water collecting pipe mouth by using a prefabricated concrete bypass valve well pipe.

The general requirement is that the installation height and horizontal orientation of the water tank beside the water collection well require that the center of the water collection hole and the drainage well pipe be selected. The selected concrete pipe is an inner diameter of Φ400. The outside of the good tube was wrapped with 400g / m2 polypropylene nonwoven geotextile manufacturers and then backfilled with 10cm thick medium-coarse sand around the good tube.

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