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Basic Principles of Geocell

Geocell has a remarkable effect and receives the engineering circle’s attention, but also should speak of from its basic principle. In the foreign literature, it is described as “a honeycomb three-dimensional restriction system, which can significantly improve the performance of ordinary filling materials in the application of bearing capacity and insect erosion control in a large range.”The key principle is the three-dimensional constraint.

It is well known that when a car drives on a desert road, it makes two deep tracks, the pressed part sinks deeply, and the sides of the tracks rise high. If the vehicle behind continues to follow the rut, the subsidence part will sink further and the uplift part will rise further until the uplift part rubs against the chassis of the vehicle, and the sunken rut covers half of the wheel, and thus cannot go forward.

So, it is because when external load ACTS on the foundation surface, according to the Prandtl’s theory and Taylor theory shows: under the action of concentrated load, active zone 1 compression subsidence, and pass force decomposition to each side to transition zone 2, excessive area passive zone 2 and 3, passive area will be deformation and uplift without any restrictions.

Basic Principles of Geocell

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