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Benefits of Geotextile Reinforcement

Geotextile reinforcement is a geosynthetic material extruded through a unique process. Polyester nonwoven geotextile for sale reinforcement can be used in the construction and reconstruction of asphalt roads to avoid reflection cracks, water damage, and improve ground bearing capacity.

1. Increasing the degree of compaction and reducing the reinforcement interval can increase the strength and strength of the GRS structure, but the strength of the increase gradually decreases with the expansion of the degree of compaction or the decrease of the interval of the reinforcement layer.

2. The reinforced layer close to the upper surface layer of the concrete test block has an obvious effect on lifting the resilience modulus of the structural sand, and the reinforced layer outside the upper surface layer must be eliminated, and the damage to the rebound modulus is minimal.

3. During the loading process of geotextile-reinforced soil, the polyester nonwoven geotextile factory price and the adjacent sand deformation foundation are harmonious, and the ultimate strain that can be undertaken is quite large, which is manifested by the principle of supporting membrane reinforcement.

4. Geotextile reinforced soil structure is tougher.

Geotextile reinforcement is an improved product of polypropylene nonwoven geotextile factory price, and its effect is more significant.

Benefits of Geotextile Reinforcement

HDPE impermeable geomembrane can not only prevent moisture in the septic tank of the breeding plant but also can be built into a biogas digester by closing the septic tank as a whole. HDPE impervious wholesale LDPE geomembrane biogas digester has a large anaerobic fermentation capacity and a long residence time of wastewater. The advantages of large amounts of biogas slurry discharge and low operation and processing costs are very suitable for the solution of large and medium-sized breeding plants and the cultivation of manure in the “bubble manure” process breeding plants.

Geomembrane biogas digester integrates gas storage and gas generation into one, with simple and convenient decoration works, low project budget, convenient operation and protection, long residence time of wastewater, sufficient absorption, good sealing characteristics, large amount of biogas slurry, and biogas power generation Waste heat, HDPE anti-seepage LDPE geomembrane factory price absorbs the sun, heat and heat preservation is easy to use, the storage tank is equipped with automatic sludge discharge equipment, and the bottom of the pool has less mud and other advantages.

HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane has excellent temperature resistance and cold resistance, good biological reliability, high rigidity and ductility, good impact toughness, good resistance to shear stress cracking, and tear strength characteristics Etc. The effectiveness of HDPE impervious textured geomembrane for sale in septic tanks is critical. It can replace extensive moisture-proof materials and is used in batches in agricultural breeding such as pig farm septic tanks.

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