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Benefits of Using Geomembrane for Aquaculture

For the use of geomembrane, it can be said that it has played a good role in many projects. Many aquaculture farmers have begun to talk about the use of geomembrane in aquaculture, and it has also achieved good results. Then use wholesale HDPE geomembrane in aquaculture. What are the benefits?

1. HDPE geomembrane does not need to be de-alkalized or disinfected.

2. The breeding cost is twice lower than the cost of cement ponds.

3. The aquaculture membrane is smoother than the cement tank, and the belly of the cultured fish will not be damaged.

4. Choose the aquaculture membrane of 0.35mm or more in size, which is very strong. If you tear it by hand, it will not tear badly unless you cut it with scissors.

Benefits of Using Geomembrane for Aquaculture

The principle of HDPE geomembrane:
1. Black opaque, inhibit the growth of grass under the pool, don’t worry about the grass arching up and destroying the film;
2. The black film can keep warm, because the black thing absorbs heat, and the eel just likes this high-temperature environment, which can accelerate the growth rate of eel and improve breeding efficiency.

When laying the HDPE geomembrane for sale, it should be noted that the laying surface must be leveled and tamped, and sandbags or heavy objects should be prepared to prevent the paved impermeable membrane from being blown away by the wind. The slope of the breeding pond should not exceed 45 ° C, otherwise, it may easily collapse and be inconvenient for breeding. HDPE geomembrane anchor trench is dug into 40cm ~ 50cm U-shaped trench or inverted trapezoidal trench and then backfilled.

Generally speaking, during the process of cutting the geomembrane produced by HDPE geomembrane manufacturers, we must operate according to strict requirements, because once damage occurs, some measures can be taken to repair it. But if it is too serious, it is difficult to repair effectively, so what is the specific repair method?

Before each cutting, you must carefully read the design drawings, follow the design of the construction drawings of each project and carry out the corresponding construction, cut the length of the geomembrane along the certain crest of the dam crest, and then use the Pythagorean theorem to calculate the slope of the inner tire The slope length, and finally calculate the length of the geomembrane in the root stone trough. The sum of the three lengths is the length of the high quality HDPE geomembrane along the cross-section of the dam.

Benefits of Using Geomembrane for Aquaculture

When cutting, we should keep an appropriate width to prevent the geomembrane from being pulled apart after being stressed. After the length of the geomembrane is calculated, the wrap section and the round head wrap section of the earth dam foundation are drawn at a scale of 1: 100 Plan view, cut and cut according to the requirements of the design drawing and count the number of blocks after the low price aquaculture geomembrane is sewn.

It must be noted that during the whole process of transportation, the geomembrane roll must be prevented from being destroyed. The geomembrane roll that has been physically damaged must be repaired. The geomembrane that has been severely damaged cannot be used for engineering construction and application. Chemical impermeable textured geomembrane factory price is not allowed to be used in engineering projects.

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