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Bentonite waterproof blanket cannot reduce dissolution and aging problems

Artificial lakes usually have poor self-purification capacity, fragile ecosystem structure, and are easily affected by many uncertain external factors. Therefore, how to maintain a large area of ​​water at a certain water level for a long time, ensure the sustainable and good development trend of wetland ecology, and solve the problem of artificial lake bottom and shore leakage have very important engineering practice and applied research significance.

The sand and gravel of the artificial lake are mixed with loose layers mainly composed of silty clay, the terrain is not well sealed, the bottom and bank of the lake have strong permeability and serious leakage. In order to meet the rain and flood regulation and storage function of the lake area, maintain a certain water level for a long time, and form an effective water landscape, it is necessary to use reasonable anti-seepage materials and anti-seepage systems to transform the lake area. Sodium-based bentonite waterproof blanket is a blanket fabric made by evenly weaving bentonite on geomembrane, or bonding it to high-density polyethylene board by needle punching, needle punching, lamination, gluing, etc. The bentonite swells on both sides of the waterproof blanket after encountering water to form a uniform waterproof layer, which can prevent water intrusion.

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Compared with anti-seepage materials such as cement soil, concrete, and membrane materials, bentonite waterproof blankets cannot reduce dissolution and aging problems. It has excellent anti-seepage performance, good flexibility, strong self-healing function, convenient construction, and comprehensive The advantages of high-cost performance. As a new type of environmentally friendly anti-seepage material, its application in artificial landscape lake projects can meet the requirements of waterproof and anti-seepage, sealing and isolation, waterscape ecology, and environmental protection.

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