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Best Price Standard Geosynthetic Clay Liners GCL

Tai’an Taidong Engineering Materials Co. Ltd here, manufacture and export zero.1mm-6mm geomembrane, Composite geomembrane, geotextile, drainboard, geogrid, geocell GCL, and alternative rampart product with Long service life and best value in North American nation, Europe, and Southeast Asia. additionally, I am happy to tell you that we’ve been operating with several massive corporations in Europe and South America.

taian taidong company

taidong company


GCL Application

5000gsm clay waterproof blanket GCL area unit wide utilized in waste lowland capping and cutoff walls to contain pollution, mining base seals, canal and dam liners, lakes and alternative waterproofing comes.

GCL application

application of gcl

Product Feature

1. The permanent waterproof
2. Compactibility
3. Not full of temperature
4. Environmental protection
5. the straightforward and short time of construction

Best Price Standard Geosynthetic Clay Liners GCL

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