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Biogas Geomembrane HDPE

Principle of black film biogas digester: black film biogas digester is an anaerobic fermentation tank in biogas engineering. It is to use the advantages of HDPE geomembrane material to prevent seepage and leakage, lay a layer of HDPE geomembrane in the excavated pit, install water inlet and outlet, slag extraction pipe and biogas collection pipe in the pit according to the requirements of anaerobic fermentation process, and then cover the upper opening of the pit with HDPE geomembrane for sealing, and fix the surrounding anchoring ditch to form an overall anaerobic fermentation space. After preliminary treatment, the aquaculture wastewater enters into the pit Biogas is produced by fermentation in a sealed space.

Biogas Geomembrane

1. Easy installation: as long as the pool is dug and leveled, no concrete cushion is needed;

2. Rapid installation: there is no solidification period required for structural concrete;

3. Resistance to foundation deformation: HDPE geomembrane can resist foundation settlement or foundation deformation due to its good fracture elongation;

4. Good effect: this is the biggest characteristic of HDPE geomembrane;

5. Recovery after using: this is the biggest characteristic of HDPE geotextiles. After use, as long as it is put away and the pool is backfilled, it can be restored to its original state.

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