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Characteristics Of Anti-seepage Geomembrane Used In Fishponds

The advantages of anti-seepage geomembrane used in fish ponds lie in avoiding direct contact between fish and soil and water pollution. Anti-seepage geomembrane used in fish ponds can not only avoid waste accumulation in the soil but also avoid harmful chemicals such as ammonia, hydrogen sulfide, acidic substances, iron and other harmful compounds entering the pond, which can reduce the risk of disease, protect and promote the growth of fish. Anti-seepage high quality LDPE geomembrane for fish ponds can provide a smooth surface for the pond, which can easily clear the waste in the pond, facilitate fishing, and protect the slope of the pond from corruption.

high quality LDPE geomembrane

Anti-seepage geomembrane for the fish pond is a flexible waterproof and partition material with (medium) high-density polyethylene resin as raw material, without any preservatives. The product itself has a high impermeability coefficient (1 x 10-17 cm/s), and its use of environmental temperature is low temperature 110 C, low temperature-70 C, can resist strong acid, alkali, oil and other anticorrosive materials, but also has a high tensile strength to meet the needs of high-standard engineering projects, anti-aging performance is strong, can be used for a long time and maintain the original performance, can be used in a variety of difficult geological and scenic conditions.

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