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China Factory Price HDPE Honeycomb Geocell

Product Feature

1. light-weight, wear-resistant, chemical stability, lightweight oxidization aging, anti-acid/alkali corrosion, applied to totally different earth science conditions, like saline soil, desert, etc.
2. Wide temperature varies high strength, sensible rigidity and toughness, sensible load capability and anti-erosion ability.
3. Size is comparatively stable, amendment the peak and fastening distance will meet the requirements of various comes.
4. Retractile, straightforward to move.
5. straightforward to use, will use the native materials and reach speedy construction, scale back construction prices.
6. is used repeatedly.

Product Parameter

Model Width Length Length of lattice expansion Width of cell expansion Cell height Lattice room solder joint distance Solder joint number Cell single cell area (m) Cell sheet thickness Each piece of
The number of tablets
Cell mass per unit area (g/m)
TGGS-200-400 62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 200 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 2400±50
TGGS-150-400 62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 150 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 1800±50
TGGS-100-400 62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 100 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 1200±50
TGGS-75-400 62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 75 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 900±50
TGGS-75-400 62±3 5600±20 4100±50 6300±50 75 400 14 0.07 1±0.05 50 900±50

Product Application Range

1. to stable the bed of railway and road
2. connected the bed of road
3. connected the loading dikes and walls
4. to administer shallow water and stream
5. to support pipeline and sewer
6. to forestall landslide and to be used as compound walls to support loading
7. to be used freelance walls, wharves, and bank so on
8. to manipulate sand, beach, stream bank and river bottom


Q: wherever is your company located?
A: Youth trade Park, Daiyue District, Shandong, Tai’an, China.
Q: What’s your delivery method?
A: By sea, By train, By air, counting on your country.
Q: what is your MOQ quantity?
A: MOQ is one 20′ instrumentation, the number may well be negotiable.
Q: square measure you commercialism company or manufacturer?
A: we tend to square measure industrial plant.
Q: however long is your delivery time?
A: typically it’s 5-10 days if the products square measure available. or it’s 15-20 days if the products aren’t available, it’s in keeping with the amount.
Q: does one offer samples ? is it free or extra?
A: Yes, we tend to might supply the sample without charge however don’t pay the price of freight.
Q: What square measure your terms of payment?
A: Payment=1000USD, half-hour T/T before, balance before shipment.

If you have got another question, pls be happy to contact the U.S. at any time.

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