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China Manufacturer Best Price Dimple Drain Board

Product Feature

1. Convenient construction, simple maintenance, and economy.
2.Strong resistance to load and sturdiness.
3. The water is part keep and also the remaining water is drained quickly.
4. It provides decent wet and O for plant production.
5. Lightweight, the roof heat insulation perform sturdy.

Technique Data

Property National standard Enterprise Standard Inspection standards
 JG/T 193-2006
Geosynthetic Clay Expansionindex ≥24 ml/2g ≥25ml/2g ASTM D5890
Mass Per Unit Area(g/m2) ≥4800 g/m2 ≥4800 gm2 ASTM D5993
Tensile Strength ≥6KN/m ≥8KN/m ASTM 4632
Maximum load elongation ≥10% ≥10% ASTM 4632
Permeability ≤5×10-9 ≤5×10-9 ASTM D5084
Moisture content ≤15% ≤15% ASTM D4643
Peel strength ≥40N ≥65N ASTM D4632
Hydrostatic pressure 0.4Mp 0.4~0.6Mp ASTM D5891

Product Application Range

1. Greening project: the garage roof greening, garden, vertical greening, roof greening, soccer pitches, links, etc.2. Municipal engineering: landing field, road mound, subway, tunnel, landfill, etc.
3. Construction: the higher or lower building foundation, within and outdoors the basement wall, floor and roof, roof flowing management and warmth insulation layer, etc.
4. Water conservancy project: the reservoir flowing water, reservoir, lake water flowing management, etc.
5. Traffic engineering: route, railway basement, roadbed, dam, and slope protection layer, etc.

Application Range of China Manufacturer Best Price Dimple Drain Board

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