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Chinese Plastic Drainage Cell For Roofing Garden

The plastic storage and drain plates square measure a kind of inexperienced roof systems that square measure drained by a special molding plastic sheet. Water is preserved at intervals dimple on the higher sides of the dimple drainage board for sale; excess water spills over the perimeters of the plates and is carried off the roof.

The plastic storage and drain plates square measure made of HDPE(high-density polyethylene), exploitation air mass to inject plastic to make the hole-lump-shaped shell, with the stereo house and support level; within the high of the shell, covering with non-woven as filtering level for water percolation, water storage, and dimple drainage board factory price.

Product Parameter

NUM Project Index
Ordinary environmental protection
1 thickness,mm 0.2-3.0 0.2-3.0 0.2-4.0 0.2-4.0
2 Width,m 2.5-9.0 2.5-9.0 2.5-8.0 2.5-8.0
3 tensile strength,Mpa >=14 >=16 >=16 >=17 >=25
4 elongation at break,% >=400 >=700 >=550 >=450 >=550
5 Right angle tear strength,N/mm >=50 >=60 >=60 >=80 >=110
6 Coefficient of steam permeability <1.0*10 <1.0*10 <1.0*10 ——— ———
7 Service temperature range +70℃ -70℃ +70℃ -70℃ +70℃ -70℃ ——— ———
8 Carbon black content,% ——— ——— ——— 2.0-3.0
9 Environmental stress cracking resistance, F ——— ——— ——— >=1500
10 -70℃ Low temperature impact embrittlement ——— ——— ——— pass
11 200℃ Oxidation induction time ——— ——— ——— >20

Product Feature

1. Convenient construction, straightforward maintenance, and economy.
2. robust resistance to load and sturdiness.
3. The water often partly holds on and therefore the remaining water is often drained quickly.
4. It provides spare wetness and chemical element for plant production.
5. light-weight, the roof heat insulation operate robustly.

Product Application Range

1. Greening project: the garage roof greening, garden, vertical greening, roof greening, soccer pitches, links, etc.
2. Municipal engineering: airdrome, road mound, subway, tunnel, landfill, etc.
3. Construction: the higher or lower building foundation, within and outdoors the basement wall, floor and roof, roof ooze management and warmth insulation layer, etc.
4. Water conservancy project: the reservoir ooze water, reservoir, lake water ooze management, etc.
5. Traffic engineering: road, railway basement, roadbed, dam, and slope protection layer, etc.

Chinese Plastic Drainage Cell For Roofing Garden

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