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Common Specifications and Application Occasions of Composite Geomembrane

Composite geomembrane is one of the most important impervious materials, but what are the common specifications of composite geomembrane produced by aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers? What are the main occasions? How much do you know?

What are the common specifications of composite geomembrane?

1. One cloth and one film base cloth: 100-1000g / m film thickness 0.1-1.5mm;

2. Two cloths and one film base cloth: 80-600g / m film thickness: 0.2-1.5mm;

3. One cloth two-membrane base cloth: 100-1000 / m film thickness: 0.1-0.8mm composite high quality environmental geomembrane function, function: the composite geomembrane adopts geotextile (woven geotextile or plastic woven geotextile) in addition to geotextile In addition to isolation, drainage, reinforced protection and other functions, it also has a sealing (impermeability) function, which can be widely used in many fields such as water conservancy dams, road construction, airports, drainage, housing, environmental protection, etc. , Reinforcement and other functions.

Common Specifications and Application Occasions of Composite Geomembrane

What Are the Main Applications of Composite Geomembrane?

1. Urban municipal environmental protection, sanitation and anti-seepage projects (such as domestic waste landfills, sewage treatment, toxic and hazardous substance treatment sites, dangerous goods warehouses, industrial waste, construction, and blasting garbage, etc.);

2. Water conservancy anti-seepage projects (such as anti-seepage, plugging and reinforcement of rivers, lakes and reservoirs dams, anti-seepage of water channels, vertical core walls, slope protection, etc.);

3. Anti-seepage and waterproof engineering of municipal engineering (underground engineering of subways, buildings, and roof tanks, anti-seepage of roof gardens, the lining of sewage pipes, etc.);

4. Landscaping and water seepage prevention project (artificial lake, pond, pond lining of the golf course, slope protection, etc.);

5. Anti-seepage and anti-corrosion projects in metallurgical and petrochemical industries (oil seepage in chemical plants, oil refineries, gas stations, the lining of chemical reaction tanks, sedimentation tanks, secondary linings, etc.);

6. Anti-seepage and anti-corrosion engineering in the mining industry (washing tanks, heap leaching tanks, ash yards, dissolution tanks, sedimentation tanks, yards, low-line anti-seepage of tailings, etc.);

7. Anti-seepage engineering of transportation infrastructure (highway foundation reinforcement, culvert anti-seepage).

The common specifications and applicable occasions of high quality HDPE geomembrane must have been understood by everyone. If you have any questions, you can contact us, we will introduce you in detail!

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