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Composite Drainage Mat

A composite drainage mat is a new kind of drainage geotechnical material. It is made of high density polyethylene (HDPE) by special extrusion process.

It has a special structure of three layers. The middle ribs are rigid and arranged longitudinally to form drainage channels. The upper and lower ribs form supports to prevent geotextile from embedding into drainage channels, which can maintain high drainage performance even under high loads. Double-sided bonding seepage geotextile composite use, with “anti-filtration – drainage – ventilation – protection” comprehensive performance, is the most ideal drainage material.

It is mainly used in railway, highway, tunnel, municipal engineering, reservoir, slope protection, and other dimple drainage board factory price projects.

Composite Drainage Mat

1. The composite drainage mat is composed of one or two layers of non-woven geotextile and one layer of the three-dimensional composite geogrid core with different structures, which has the function of drainage isolation.
2. A composite drainage mat is applied to roof planting, roof planting, underground sidewall protection and drainage, bottom drainage, tunnel waterproof and drainage, highway slope protection, saline, and alkaline land, desert planting, artificial lake;
3. The application function of the composite drainage mat can be bent construction, rapid drainage of the waterproof layer of static water, HDPE geomembrane water, timely reduce the load of the main structure, protect the waterproof layer and structure, avoid suffering from soil backfill, plant roots, acid and alkali, underground insects and microorganisms damage to the waterproof layer.

Combined with a waterproof layer, it has a double waterproof and impermeable function, so that waterproof layer can isolate gas and prevent oxidation, and greatly improve the life of a waterproof system. Flexible material, high compressive and tensile strength, to meet the needs of crack elongation and road facilities. Durable material, to meet all kinds of planting roofing use, but also can apply the old building roof planting. Construction is simple but also can be used in the old building roof planting.

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