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Composite Drainage Net

1. When the load is 720kPa and the gradient is 2%, the permeability is 2500m/d and the flow rate is 13 pm/m.
2. The creep test retained more than 60% thickness after bearing 1200kPa load for 10000 hours.
3. three-rib drainage mesh core carbon black content is not less than 2%, density 0.94g/cm3, tensile strength is not less than 36.5kn /m, melting index 1.0g /10min, thickness 7.6mm.
4. Non-woven geotextiles have an apparent aperture of 0.18mm, a permeability of 0.26 sec-1, a permeability of 0.2cm/ Sec, a puncture strength of 580N, a trapezoidal tear strength of 356 N, a holding tensile strength of 900 N, a holding tensile strength of 50%, and a bursting strength of 2750kPa.

With the development of modern industry, the requirement of environmental cleanliness is higher and higher, so the need for composite drainage network is more urgent. The main requirements for the composite drainage network drainage efficiency are small, used as composite drainage network material is generally impermeable membrane, also useful non-woven geotextiles.

The dimple drainage board factory price is arranged in the fiber orientation, the yarn itself is too tight, and the warp and weft cross structure, there is a large gap between the yarn, the yarn itself Closely, try to warp/weft crossover structure, has a large gap between yarn, in order to improve the filtering effect, general requirements fabric close together, but it is a filter resistance increases, as to the filter paper, because of the tightly, gap small and less, filter out material stockpile increased slightly increased quickly filter resistance, the filtering efficiency drops, at the same time its wrinkle resistance is poor, seriously affect its service life.

A composite drainage network due to fiber mixed and disorderly arrangement, and there is no warp/weft intersection, method of melt-blown nonwovens has more fiber thin, fleeciness structure, the gap between fiber and the pore size is small, good wrinkle resistance advantages, composite drainage network can receive high filter efficiency, filter resistance, long service life of composite drainage net effect, at the same time, because of the large fiber intake capacity between even make the product to keep a certain amount after filtering material can still maintain a low filter resistance, if choose polypropylene fiber, because of the fine denier fiber, specific surface area is big, good resistance to chemical corrosion, composite drainage net dragon it adapted to the industrial filtration material, due to the excellent characteristics of composite drainage net, In many ways, woven press cloth and filter paper have been replaced by composite drainage nets.

Composite Drainage Net

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