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Composite Geomembrane is More Suitable for Reservoir Dam Anti-seepage

The geomembrane anti-seepage technology is mainly used for large-area seepage caused by the anti-seepage performance of the dam project and the construction quality. It is particularly suitable for the anti-seepage reinforcement project of the reservoir with inconvenient transportation and a lack of materials. Select the appropriate aquaculture geomembrane manufacturers material for the upstream side The seepage reinforcement of the slope, the seepage prevention technology is more economical and reasonable, the vertical leakage of the dam foundation can be used. It is worth noting that the local leakage of the dam is not suitable for the geomembrane anti-seepage technology, and the geomembrane is suitable for Overall anti-seepage.

The choice of anti-seepage membrane material in the reservoir anti-seepage reinforcement project is closely related to the engineering cost and safety of the reservoir anti-seepage system. The selection of geomembrane should consider the performance, price, quality and service life of various thin-film materials, and choose a high-cost performance ratio PE composite geomembrane, compared with plastic film, PE composite geomembrane has a longer service life and higher price, composite geomembrane has a greater coefficient of friction, better mechanical properties and longer service life, Better fracture resistance, compared with other high quality environmental geomembrane materials, PE composite geomembrane has low requirements for cushion matching, and the deformation of PE film can be quickly dispersed, and the stress caused by the unevenness of the buffer layer has effectively dispersed The buoyancy and pore pressure of the contact surface of the water body are included.

Composite Geomembrane is More Suitable for Reservoir Dam Anti-seepage

The use of anti-seepage geomembrane in the detailed construction of the reservoir anti-seepage and reinforcement project is also an important link to ensure the quality of the reservoir anti-seepage project. In the actual reservoir anti-seepage reinforcement process, the construction work should be carried out on the premise of ensuring the project quality, and Carefully screen the geomembrane before construction, whether the bottom surface is flat, strict inspection and acceptance during construction, always ensure the integrity of the environmental geomembrane for sale, prevent aging and damage, repair damaged places in time, and ensure the connection is secure, after construction, you should check from time to time The quality of the protective layer and cushion soil, the size of the buried trenches and drainage channels, and the backfilling status of the backfill. The anti-seepage and reinforcement engineering of the reservoir should be regularly inspected and managed during the inspection and acceptance phase. And sliding, and targeted repairs to improve the protection of the geomembrane.

HDPE geomembrane material is purchased from about 97.5% high-density polyethylene. The color of the polyethylene itself is white. If it is directly exposed to sunlight, the strength will be lost in a few years, and life is very short. The service life of Shandong Lingxiang New Material Co., Ltd. adopts advanced production equipment and sophisticated production technology, adding 2.5% moisture absorber, foaming agent, carbon black, heat stabilizer, antioxidant, anti-aging to the raw materials To resist and inhibit the effects of external factors such as light, oxygen, and heat on the material, so that the service life of HDPE geomembrane produced by environmental geomembrane manufacturers is longer, and it is more suitable for the use of engineering projects, especially in environmental protection construction projects.

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