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Composite geomembrane is widely used in environmental protection equipment engineering

The emergence of composite geomembrane is later than that of textile composite geomembrane. Its production and processing methods are mainly two kinds of spinning method and injection method. Among them, the injection method has a very large share in my country. The raw materials used are polyester fabrics, followed by polypropylene waterproof and vinyl on.

The composite geomembrane has very large tensile strength, can melt into very large deformation, can be made into proper porosity according to the need, and has very good water permeability in both the horizontal and vertical directions. Therefore, the development trend of non-woven composite high-quality aquaculture geomembrane is fast, and it has become an important part of composite geomembrane.

It has been widely used to solve the difficulties of surface collapse and mud boiling in pavement engineering. It is used for the drainage system of gravity dams, engineering sewage pipes, weak foundation, and foundation structure reinforcement, and the side slope green shoulder pads of various embankments and other construction projects. Floor.

The Role and Characteristics of Geomembrane and Application

In addition, it can also be used as soil reinforcement materials to strengthen soft foundation projects or build light retaining walls. In addition, it can also reduce the working pressure of porosity under the dam foundation.

It is not clear that this part of the new materials that replace traditional sand, sand, and gravel, coupled with factors such as the emphasis on the reduction of one-time investment projects during the entire process of construction, has resulted in a serious and diverse situation in the consistency of geotechnical test products in China. The situation of slightly lower application volume in construction projects.

The application share of composite geomembrane in environmental protection equipment engineering is not very large, but it will be more and more used in construction projects such as garbage pools and wastewater treatment.

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