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Composite Geomembrane Price

Composite geomembrane price, preparation stage of geomembrane laying construction:

1. It is necessary to select the raw material manufacturer with guaranteed quality and carry out strict inspection of the quality of the raw materials. In order to meet the actual anti-seepage requirements, two fabrics should be selected. The main part of the geomembrane needs to pass no less than Two hot composite processing, and use the color with the strong light-blocking property as the base color of the high quality aquaculture geomembrane;

2. Perform necessary quality inspection on the selected geomembrane and price of composite geomembrane. Under normal circumstances, most of the projects will use two fabrics as the main selection object. Before putting into use, comprehensive quality inspection of geomembrane is required. And combined with the actual engineering analysis and research, if the results of geomembrane quality inspection meet the requirements of the norms and standards, can be put into use;

HDPE Geomembrane Used To Aquaculture

3. Although the geomembrane of the two cloths and one membrane is relatively compact and has certain resistance to breakage, under the action of sharp objects, the damage will still occur and the anti-seepage effect will be reduced. Therefore, before laying, it is necessary to carry out strict treatment on the level to improve the flatness. After the completion of the treatment, professionals need to carry out careful quality inspection. If the flatness meets the requirements of the standard, the next stage of laying can be carried out.

4. the price of composite environmental geomembrane manufacturers, under normal circumstances, the geomembrane welding work is large, in order to reduce the difficulty of construction, the size of the geomembrane needs to be properly handled, for ordinary engineering, the width of the geomembrane generally remains At about 6m, and still have a margin of not less than 10cm long, the cutting edge of the geomembrane should be kept neat.

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