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Connection Science of Composite Geomembrane

The composite geomembrane is a geosynthetic material with extremely low water permeability. During the construction process, due to the different actual terrain, its connection must be very particular. The periphery of the geomembrane and its connection with the structure should be closed System can ensure the smooth progress of the following construction links. The following is the connection knowledge of impermeable geomembrane.

(1) Connection of the composite geomembrane itself. The connection methods of the composite high quality aquaculture geomembrane can be summarized into three types, namely the bonding method, the welding method and the vulcanization method, which are selected depending on the raw materials of the anti-seepage film. The impermeability of all joints should be checked to prevent leaks due to poor joints.

(2) Connection of the composite geomembrane to the surrounding boundary. The impermeable membrane must be tightly integrated with the surrounding border. Anchor grooves can be excavated to connect the foundation and the bank slope during construction.

(3) The contact surface between the composite wholesale HDPE geomembrane and the support material should be leveled to prevent the film from losing its anti-seepage effect when the film is punctured by the sloping slope. Otherwise, a fine-grained cushion should be provided to protect the film from damage. If the foundation is a shallow permeable layer of sand and gravel, the sand and gravel should be excavated to the bedrock, and then a concrete foundation is poured to fix the geomembrane in the concrete. If the foundation is an impermeable clay layer, an anchoring groove with a depth of 2m and a width of about 4m can be excavated. The geomembrane is placed in the groove and then densely backfilled.

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