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Construction and Application of Drain Board

Application of Drainage Board
Traffic engineering: road, railway subgrade pavement, dam, and slope protection layer drainage

Municipal engineering: roadbed, subway tunnel, landfill groundwater, and surface water drainage

Construction project: the upper or lower layer of the building foundation, the indoor and outdoor walls of the basement China dimple drainage board suppliers, the roof greening drainage, and seepage prevention and heat insulation layer, etc.

Greening works the greening of garage roofs, roof gardens, football fields, golf courses, baths, etc.

Construction and Application of Drain Board
Structure of Drainage Plate
Conical protrusion (or hollow cylindrical porous) plastic base plate made of high impact polystyrene (HIPS). The top surface of the conical protrusion (or hollow cylindrical porous) is glued with a filter layer of non-woven fabric to prevent the dirt particles from passing through, so as to prevent the passage from being blocked and make the channel drainage smooth.

Advantages of Drain Board
The traditional drainage method uses masonry tiles as the filter layer and uses more pebbles or crushed stones as the water filter layer to drain water to the designated location. And now the drainage board replaces the cobblestone filter layer to drain water, which saves time, effort and energy, saves investment, and reduces the load on the building.

Drainage Board Function
A good drainage system plays an important role in the construction period of civil works and the normal use and life of structures dimple drainage board factory price. The drainage plate of the drainage plate and the porous seepage pipe constitute an effective drainage system, and the cylindrical multi-empty drainage plate and non-woven fabric also form a drainage system, thereby forming a system with the functions of seepage, storage, and drainage.

Classification of Drainage Boards
TPS—Ⅱ drainage plate TPS—Ⅲ drainage plate TPS-Ⅳ drainage plate TPS-Ⅴ drainage plate TPS-Ⅵ drainage plate TPS-VII drainage plate TPZ-Ⅰ drainage water storage plate TPZ-Ⅱ drainage water storage plate TZS-Ⅰ water storage plate

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