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Construction and Laying Method of PVC Drainage Board

1. The waterproof layer is completed, and the protective layer construction acceptance is completed. The surface of the base layer is cleaned and flat without foreign objects.

2. PVC drainage boards come in and unload, and they are neatly stacked.

3. The PVC drainage board is laid in the vertical or horizontal direction, with the cup-shaped mouth of the dimple drainage board for sale facing upwards, and the perforations are interlocked.

4. geotextile laying, geotextile overlapping 10 ~ 20cm, to prevent muddy water from passing through the geotextile, blocking the PVC drainage board.

5. Laying of blind pipes. Laying a blind pipe around the PVC drainage board, the drainage effect is better.

6. PVC drainage boards and geotextiles are laid, and then returned to the soil.

7. Do a good job of protecting the finished products of PVC drainage boards.

PVC drainage board is used in garage roof or planting roof greening, with high compressive strength and light load. The bumps are laid upwards, forming a void interlayer with the geotextile compound. It has the functions of water drainage, auxiliary waterproofing, root puncture resistance, protection, ventilation, sound insulation, heat insulation, and moisture retention.
(1) Water conductivity and drainage. The surface of the PVC dimple drainage board manufacturers has a concave-convex hollow structure and a geotextile structure, which can quickly and effectively lead rainwater or other accumulated water to reduce or even eliminate the hydrostatic pressure of the waterproof layer. This automatic drainage can improve the waterproof performance of the project and extend the use of the project life.
(2) Waterproof performance. The PVC drainage board material itself is a very good waterproof material, and it can be a good auxiliary waterproof layer by using a reliable overlap method.
(3) Root puncture resistance. The PVC drainage board material has plant root puncture resistance and is used for planting roofs. It can both drain water and improve the roof root puncture resistance.
(4) Protective performance. PVC drainage board can resist acid and alkali erosion in the soil and protect the building and its waterproof layer. When backfilling soil in underground works, the building and its waterproof layer can be protected from damage.
(5) In addition, PVC drainage board also has the advantages of heat insulation, light weight, convenient construction and so on.

Application of PVC drainage board: green roof, green roof of underground garage, drainage of golf course, lawn course, etc.

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