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Construction method of anti-seepage membrane in pond

The price of the impermeable membrane reflects the quality of the impermeable membrane to a certain extent, and its service life is related to its natural covering effect. The anti-seepage of the geomembrane is mainly the performance of the waterproof layer, and the performance of the waterproof layer of the plastic membrane is the key to its anti-seepage. The excellent anti-seepage properties of geomembrane make it have excellent corrosion resistance and low-temperature resistance. The impermeable plastic film blocks the leaking pipeline of the dam body, bears pressure, and has high compressive strength and elongation.

What should I pay attention to in the pond impermeable membrane?

The application of permeable geomembrane in ponds is obvious.

Anti-seepage and Anti-erosion Effects of Geomembrane

In terms of rock dams, there may be larger pores in the middle of the block. The concrete dam surface is flat, while the settlement joint, deformation joint, and roller compacted concrete dam surface are generally uneven and have a large porosity. When the pressure is too high, the geomembrane will cause deformation. It is proposed that materials such as reinforced pond anti-seepage geomembrane or pond anti-seepage geomembrane and non-woven fabric should be used for relevant test verification;

Consider the influence of uneven foundation settlement on the deformation of the impervious geomembrane of the pond.

The anti-seepage treatment of the pond geomembrane should pay attention to the maintenance of the surface. For slopes with gentle slopes, fine-mix special-shaped slabs can be used and sprayed concrete and steel grids can be used for structural reinforcement. The vertical steep slope requires no maintenance.

The economic efficiency ratio of HDPE (the ratio of broken line and water chestnut to internal friction line) is about 0.58, while PVC is about 0.88. Check the reliability of the impermeable layer and steep slope membrane in the pool. Needle-punched geotextile on both sides with an impermeable geomembrane. At the slope, the top of the anti-seepage geomembrane should be buried on the top of the trench;

The pond impermeable membrane is a flexible water barrier made of PVA epoxy resin. Gray-black color, thickness 0.5-1.0mm, large area 1-6 meters, roller length 30-50 meters.

The pond impermeable membrane has a high waterproof coefficient, working temperature 110℃, -70℃; resistant to strong alkali, alkali, and oily corrosion. The compressive strength is also very high. It can be used for a long time and maintain the original performance. It is suitable for scientific research on various extreme geological conditions and climate.

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