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Construction Method of Slope Protection Layer

1. The clay woven bag is for the protection of the HDPE geomembrane. Therefore, during construction, we will take the following measures.
2. The construction personnel must wear flat rubber shoes or flat cloth shoes to prevent stepping on the HDPE geomembrane.
3. In principle, it is strictly forbidden to step on the HDPE geomembrane for sale. When it is necessary to step on it, weave a woven bag under the foot. The woven bag shall be free of debris such as sand and gravel to prevent damage to the HDPE geomembrane.
4. Set up someone to check the clay. Make sure that the clay in the woven bag is free of sand, stones, branches, glass and other hard objects.
5. The construction sequence is manually laid from bottom to top. In order to prevent the clay in the woven bag from being scattered on the gravel, the mouth of the woven bag is stitched with a portable sewing machine.
6. The clay in the woven bag cannot be overfilled, it can be 70 ~ 80% to prevent uneven and uneven laying.
7. The lamination width between the horizontal bar and the bag is 5 ~ 10cm, the vertical lamination length is not less than 20cm, and the upper and lower seams are staggered.
8. The woven bag is installed on the pit and transported manually to the pit for laying.

The construction method of landfill gas drainage system
1. The waste gas conducting and discharging adopts an air-conducting hollow pipe with a length of 2 meters and is connected by the U-PVC pipe.
2. Surround the hollow air duct with a wire stone cage, which should be 1 meter higher than the garbage surface.
3. The air guiding exhaust pipe is made of steel pipe.
4. Before installing the air duct, first place a steel sleeve with a diameter of D1300 and L = 2500 ,, set the air duct and wire stone in it, and fill the cage with pebbles. After the landfill reaches the compaction height, the steel casing is lifted to a new height.

An excellent project requires a good construction + high-quality materials, especially the high quality HDPE geomembrane used, as the main anti-seepage material, is the key to a project. The use of high-quality Soma geomembrane and strict construction management is the guarantee of a qualified project.

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