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Construction of Anti-seepage Membrane for Aquaculture

Everyone must have a certain understanding of the use of impermeable membranes. Impermeable membranes have been widely used because of their good impermeability. They can be seen in many engineering constructions. For aquatic products The application of impermeable membranes in aquaculture is also very good, so what problems should be paid attention to when constructing aquaculture impervious high quality HDPE geomembrane?

1. Personnel not related to laying shall not enter the construction site.

2. The method and equipment used for laying the module will not damage the impermeable membrane or the geotextile and base under it.

3. Construction personnel should wear shoes that do not damage the geotechnical materials during construction on the construction site.

4. Sufficient ballast or anchors to prevent the impermeable membrane from being blown up by the wind.

5. Lay the impermeable membrane sheet smoothly and tightly, minimize wrinkles, and ballast or anchor in time after laying.

Construction of Anti-seepage Membrane for Aquaculture

6. Reasonably choose the laying direction to minimize the stress on the joints.

7. Reasonably arrange the position of each piece of material, and strive to have fewer seams.

8. In the laying process, prevent any factors from destroying the geotechnical materials, and the laying tools must not cause damage to the geotechnical materials.

9. There must be no horizontal joints within 1.5m of the slope foot and slopes greater than 10.

In order to ensure the quality of construction during the construction of the impermeable brief introduction of composite geomembrane, it is best to understand the construction method in advance, so as to ensure that the quality of our construction is up to the standard. Open a roll to ensure that the membrane is not damaged.

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