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Construction Of HDPE Geocell

1. Half-filled and half-dug roadbed shall be handled
On the ground on the slopes of the natural slope is steep in 1:5, build up the embankment, the embankment base should dig the steps, steps shall not be less than 1 m widths, the installment construction or reconstructing highway roads widened, the linkage between the new and old roadbed fill slope, should excavation steps, the general steps of high-grade highway width is 2 m, in each of the steps horizontally laid large room, using the large room of their own facade confining reinforcement effect, better solve the problem of uneven settlement.

2. Sand area roadbed
The sand subgrade should be given priority to with low embankment, region filling height not less than 0.3 m. generally due to its low subgrade, sand subgrade construction in professional requirements and heavy load, adopting large chamber loose packing confining effect, can be in limited the height of the roadbed with high stiffness and strength, to inherit the load stress of large vehicles.

3. Fill and reinforce the subgrade at the back of the platform
The adoption of geogrid can better realize the purpose of strengthening the back of the platform, generate enough friction between the geogrid and the filler, effectively reduce the uneven settlement between the roadbed and the structure, and finally effectively alleviate the early impact damage of “bridge platform jumping” disease on the bridge deck.

Construction Of HDPE Geocell

4. The embankment in the permafrost region
In permafrost areas, the minimum filling height should be reached to prevent excessive settlement of embankment due to mucking or lowering of the upper limit of the frozen layer. The unique elevation reinforcement effect and the effective implementation of the overall lateral limitation of HDPE geocell can ensure the minimum height of filling soil in some special areas to the greatest extent and make the filling soil have high-quality strength and stiffness.

5. Treatment of loess collapsible subgrade
For highways and first-class highways passing through collapsible loess and loess section with good compressibility, or when the allowable bearing capacity of foundation of high embankment is lower than a load of vehicles and the pressure of self-weight of embankment, the embankment should also be treated according to the bearing capacity requirements, and then the superiority of geotechnical cell is obvious.

6. Saline soil and expansive soil
Highway, first-grade highway, road shoulder and slope built with saline soil and expansive soil are all reinforced with reinforcement measures. The reinforcement effect of the facade of the lattice is the best among all reinforcement materials, and it has excellent corrosion resistance, which can completely meet the requirements of building higher highways in saline soil and expansive soil.

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