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Construction Precautions for Drainage Boards

1. Please store the drainboard in a dry and ventilated environment to prevent exposure and keep away from fire sources.

2. Please place the drainage protection board vertically or horizontally. Do not tilt or cross the horizontal pressure. Do not stack it higher than 3 layers to avoid the pressure of heavy objects.

3. When laying, it should be smooth and natural, laying along the slope or according to the flow of water.

Preparations before laying:
(1) Clean up the rubbish and cement on the laying site to level the ground so that there are no obvious bumps on the site. The outdoor garage roof and roof garden need to have a slope of 2-5 ‰.

(2) Roof greening and outdoor garage roof greening can be used with porous seepage pipes so that the water discharged from the wholesale dimple drainage board can be concentrated on the nearby sewers or the nearby urban sewers.

(3) The basement floor is impervious to water, and the floor is suspended above the foundation, that is, a layer of drainage board is made before the floor. The round projection is upward, and there are blind ditches around the ground to prevent the groundwater from coming up. The space of the drainage board flows into the blind ditch around and then flows into the catchment pit through the blind ditch.

(4) The basement wall is impervious to water. A drainage board can be laid on the main wall of the building, with a round projection facing the main wall, and a single wall outside the drainage board or steel wire mesh cement to protect the drainage board. Make the space of the seepage plate outside the wall-flow straight down into the blind ditch to the catchment pit.

(5) When laying drainage boards in any area, care must be taken not to allow dirt, cement, yellow sand, and other garbage to enter the front space of the drainage boards to ensure that the space of the drainage boards is unobstructed.

(6) Protective measures should be taken as much as possible when the drainage board is laid. The drainage board should be backfilled as soon as possible when laying the drainage board on the floor or outdoor garage to prevent the wind from disturbing the drainage board and affecting the laying quality. The waterproofing of the basement and the inner wall should be done as soon as possible. Protective layer to prevent the China dimple drainage board suppliers from being damaged by people or objects.

(7) The backfill soil is cohesive soil. It is ideal to lay yellow sand on the geotextile for 3-5 cm, which is beneficial to the drainage of the geotextile. If the backfill soil is a nutrient soil or light soil, it is not necessary to lay it back. A layer of yellow sand, the soil itself is very loose and easy to filter water.

(8) When laying the drainage board, lay the next 1-2 fulcrum points to the right, or you can touch the two bottom boards together, and the top is overlapped with geotextile. As long as there is no dirt entering the drainage channel of the drainage board, you can keep the drainage. Unblocked.

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