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Construction requirements of fiberglass grating

Fiberglass grid design
In order to prevent reflection cracks in motor vehicle lanes, and to strengthen the pavement strength in special places such as bus stops and wells, it is necessary to increase the glass fiber grid. Lay a glass fiber grid between the road asphalt layer and the cement stabilized gravel base layer and the structural layer, and cut a horizontal joint every 16 meters along the centerline of the cement stabilized gravel layer of the motorway with a width of 5 mm and a depth of 10 cm. Lay a 2.0m wide glass fiber grid on the transverse seam.

Construction requirements of fiberglass grating

Construction requirements of fiberglass grating
1. When laying the glass fiber grid, it should be fixed at one end with a fixer. The glass fiber grid should be tensioned longitudinally and fixed in sections with a fixed spacing of 1.5m

2. The glass fiber grid should be overlapped horizontally by 10~15cm, and the rear end should be pressed below the front end according to the laying direction; the longitudinal overlap should be 10~20cm.

3. When laying glass fiber grids on new roads, hot asphalt should be sprayed as the bonding layer oil, and the amount of bonding layer oil per square meter is about 0.4 ~ 0.6 kg.

4. The construction method of the asphalt layer is the same as the ordinary asphalt pavement layer. After the fiberglass grid is laid and fixed, it must be rolled and stabilized with a rubber roller to make it adhere firmly to the road surface. Strictly control the passage of vehicles, and prohibit the vehicles from turning sharply, braking quickly, and dumping the mixture on the fiberglass grid to prevent damage to the fiberglass grid.

5. When the wheels slip on the asphalt paver during the paving process, the stone chips should be scattered on the sticky oil layer, and the amount of stone chips is 3m/1000㎡.

6. On the day of laying the fiberglass grid, asphalt concrete should be covered on the fiberglass grid to prevent traffic from damaging it.

7. Attention should be paid during construction: the lower layer should be leveled to prevent oil spill flow or siltation; it is recommended to use special sprinkler equipment to train the amount of sprinkling at any time. Specially skilled workers or technicians should guide construction according to construction procedures.

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