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Construction Technical Standard Specifications of Impervious Membrane

The selection of the specifications of the impervious aquaculture geomembrane factory price is related to the flatness of the underlying layer, the ground stress of the raw material operation, the elastic mold of the raw material, the larger water level within the pavement range, and the larger particle size of the soil layer. In addition to the compressive strength specified by the water working pressure, the applicable standards such as exposure, buried pressure, climatic conditions, and service life should be considered, and the thickness of the design plan and the specific thickness should be clearly defined in accordance with the requirements of the relevant national standards. According to the project construction standards and comprehensive analytical calculations, both the bottom of the pond and the anti-seepage layer of the slope protection are made of the anti-seepage film with two cloths and one membrane of 400b / ㎡, with a width of 4.0m and a length of 100m.

Impervious membrane impervious body solid layer design scheme

From the top to the next, the anti-seepage structure of the anti-seepage high quality environmental geomembrane is a safety protection layer, an anti-filtration layer, an upper cushion layer, an anti-seepage layer, and an under cushion layer. During the project construction, the foundation of the pond is leveled, and the driving face with slope protection renovated to 1: 1.8 is used as the application layer; the underlying layer is smoothed and compacted with fine-grained soil with an average thickness of 20cm and a larger particle size ≤5mm; The cushion layer uses fine-grained soil with an average thickness of 30cm and a larger particle size ≤5mm, and coarse sand with a thickness of 20cm is used as the anti-filtration layer; the safety protective layer is selected from the weather-free layer with a variety of local reserves (50 × 80 × 6cm) Bluestone slab cover. The bottom of the pond is immediately covered with a 30 cm thick fine-grained soil with a larger particle size of 5 mm or less as a safety protection layer on the composite impervious membrane.

Technical standards for construction of anti-seepage membranes
1. Drainage pipelines for the construction of the project. All external water is not allowed to enter the project during the construction period, and construction with mud and water is not allowed.

2. During the renovation of the anti-seepage tunneling working face, the geometric figures such as edges, corners, lines, slope protection, etc. exceed the design plan, and the exposed obtuse angle gravel should be removed and cleaned.

3. Backfill soil connection layer, polyimide film set left and right cushion layer environmental geomembrane for sale. If there are more than 2 pieces of gravel with a particle size exceeding 2cm in work, be sure to use 5mm sieve fine-grain soil to set the connection layer. The stone thickness is not less than 3cm.

4. Preparation and paving of anti-seepage film, select a 400g / ㎡ anti-seepage film, with a width of 4.0m, a length of 100m per roll, and a bar length of 15cm at the joints. The anti-seepage tunneling working surface before paving should be light, flat and clean. It is not allowed to wear iron shoes and special tools for ironwork. When laying the film, it is necessary to discharge the vapor under the film at any time and place, so that the film surface is flat against the reference surface, and leave small wrinkles. After laying, check the polyimide film for damage. After all the provisions are in place, first bury the top, and then compress it from bottom to top to prevent the polyimide film from falling and being blown by the wind.

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