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Construction Technology Analysis of HDPE Impervious Geomembrane Biogas Plant

With the in-depth study of the theory of anaerobic digestion of biogas, the technology of black-film biogas digester was introduced to China in 2003. At present, there have been many demonstration projects in various parts of the country, and it has also been highly evaluated by owners of black-film biogas digesters. It is the new technology of the HDPE impervious membrane that improves the impermeability effect. The waterproof effect is unmatched by ordinary waterproof materials. The cost of the product is lower than traditional waterproof materials. According to actual calculations, the general project using HDPE impervious membrane will save about 50% of the cost? With high-strength resistance to tensile mechanical properties, high and low-temperature resistance, resistance to asphalt, oil and tar, acid, alkali, salt and other more than 80 strong acids and alkalis chemical medium corrosion, and has excellent anti-aging, anti-ultraviolet, anti-decomposition ability It can be used barely. The material has a service life of 50-70 years. It provides a good material guarantee for environmental impermeability, excellent puncture resistance, can resist most plant roots, and has good mechanical strength. HDPE impervious membrane materials are Non-toxic and environmentally friendly materials that do not produce any harmful substances and are the choice of environmental protection, breeding, and drinking water ponds.

The HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane we produce is widely used in biogas digesters, national large-scale landfill sites, sewage treatment, and other fields, and is well received by users! Black-film biogas digester is an energy ecological biogas production and utilization project. Its fermentation process uses the most advanced HDPE black-film biogas anaerobic process. The biggest feature of this process is that the tank capacity is relatively large, the fecal sewage stays in the anaerobic tank for a long time, the fermentation is sufficient, the effluent water quality is good, and it can effectively remove more than 80% of COD.

Construction Of Landfill

Secondly, you can also equip the biogas digester with a generator set. The 1200 cubic meter biogas digester can be equipped with a 110 kW generator set. This way, the electricity generated every day can easily meet the needs of the pig farm, whether it is lighting, heat preservation, cooling You can still be self-sufficient in producing feed, so you can save at least 100,000 yuan in electricity bills in a year!

Due to the low cost of HDPE anti-seepage geomembrane biogas digester construction, the construction is convenient, the construction period is short and the completion is about 30 days, and the fecal sewage stays in the biogas digester for a long time, which makes the organic matter in the fecal sewage more anaerobic and digests more fully The water can basically meet the standard, and the after-sale maintenance is convenient, which can reduce manpower and material resources, save costs, large biogas volume, high gas production, and also save sewage treatment costs and fertilizer costs. The black-film biogas digester technology has the advantages of low construction investment cost, large anaerobic fermentation volume, simple process, and long service life. It also solves the problem of safe drinking water and air pollution for local residents, and can also achieve the sewage treatment of the Health and Environmental Protection Bureau. standard.

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