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Difference Between Geomembrane And Anti-seepage Membrane

In some customers, impervious membranes and geomembranes are the same things, but their names are different. In fact, this is a wrong statement. Today I will tell you the similarities and differences between the two.

Similarities Between Geomembranes And Impermeable Membranes
Geomembranes and impermeable membranes are similar only in appearance, color, and some additives. High quality LDPE geomembrane and impermeable membranes are usually black in color and rolled waterproof rolls in appearance. Some of them use high-density polyethylene (HDPE) as raw materials for processing and production.

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The Difference Between Geomembrane And Impermeable Membrane
Geomembrane: As its name implies, low cost textured geomembrane is a geosynthetic material. The raw material is high-quality high-density polyethylene. The formulation of geomembrane mainly contains additives such as carbon, acid and alkali-resisting agent, tensile agent, crack resisting agent and wear-resisting agent.

Anti-seepage film: Although the anti-seepage film is also a waterproof roll material in new geosynthetics, it is very high in research and development technology, production equipment and formula. The raw material of the anti-seepage film is mainly high-quality high-density polyethylene resin. In addition, it is equipped with about 2.5% carbon black, anti-aging agent, anti-ultraviolet agent, anti-oxidant, infrared absorbent, optical stabilizer, and other accessories. In addition to the reasonable auxiliary formula, generally speaking, the high-quality anti-seepage film needs professional international first-class anti-seepage film machinery and equipment to produce. At present, China’s waterproof membrane industry is not perfect. The performance of the anti-seepage film production equipment is far lower than that of the international advanced anti-seepage film production equipment. Experiments show that the logistics performance of the same material formula produced by the domestic anti-seepage membrane production equipment is only 1/3 of that of the imported anti-seepage membrane production equipment from Italy, among which the aquaculture anti-seepage film produced by the imported equipment is non-toxic and environmentally friendly 99.9%.

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The main application fields of geomembranes are also quite different from those of geomembranes. Geomembrane is generally used in landfill seepage control, artificial lake seepage control, tailings landfill seepage control, artificial river seepage control, landscape pond seepage control, highway and railway seepage control reinforcement and tunnel seepage control engineering. In addition to the application of geomembrane, high quality environmental geomembrane is also mainly used in aquaculture seepage control, roof garden seepage control, basement seepage control, and tank bottom seepage control projects.

In summary, geomembrane and impermeable membrane are actually two different new waterproof materials. The cost of the impervious membrane is higher than that of geomembrane, and the application field is wider, and the quality of the material is more reliable. The anti-seepage membrane is an upgraded product of geomembrane, so it can be said that anti-seepage membrane is geomembrane, but geomembrane cannot be said to be anti-seepage membrane.

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