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Geotextile Can be Divided Into Series According to Different Raw Materials?

At present, the most impervious material used in engineering construction is geotextile. Geotextile can also be divided into many different series according to different raw materials. In order to choose the correct material when using it, let ’s take a look at the relevant What are the categories?

1. Acupuncture non-woven fabric and PE film composite geotextile characteristics, commonly known as composite geomembrane, the specifications are one cloth one film, two cloth one film, three cloth two films and multiple cloth multi-membrane, the width is 6 meters, the main raw material is acupuncture non-woven Woven fabric and polyester staple fiber PE film is mainly used for anti-seepage, suitable for railway, highway, tunnel, subway, airport and other projects.

Different series of geotextiles

2. Various non-woven fabrics, polypropylene fiber woven composite materials, non-woven fabrics, plastic woven composite materials, suitable for foundation reinforcement, adjusting the permeability coefficient of basic engineering facilities;

3. Needle-punched nonwoven geotextile, commonly known as geotextile application introduction, with specifications of 100G/m2-8009/m2, can be selected at will. The main raw material is polyester staple fiber or polypropylene staple fiber, which is made by needle punching. The main uses are rivers, oceans, Lake slope protection, sea enclosure, wharf, ship lock flood prevention, and rescue engineering, etc. It is an effective way to improve soil and water conservation and prevent piping.

Geotextile is also divided into non-woven geotextile, geotextile reinforced geotextile, warp-knitted geotextile, impervious geotextile, staple fiber needle geotextile, woven geotextile, singed geotextile, polyester filament geotextile. We will not introduce them one by one here. If you are interested, please contact us, we will introduce you in detail!

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