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Dimple Drainage Board Characteristics

Dimple Drainage Board Characteristics

1. Waterproof and heat insulation function
High impact polystyrene (H1PS), high density polyethylene (HDPE) can be used in all kinds of planting roof, basement roof, wall, tunnel, and other projects.

2. The function of water diversion and storage
The size of the space between the convex joints of the platen determines the drainage capacity and the thickness of the air layer. There are eleven types (eleven heights) of the platen in total with various drainage functions, and different displacements on the base of different slopes for designers to choose.

3. Extensive application
Drainage plate is a patent production lu is as a drainage, drainage building materials, the application of roof greening, basement foundation, tunnel, basement foundation surface is not subject to the erosion of groundwater, after more than ten years of practice accumulated data and experience summary, drainage plate can also be in roads, railways, golf courses and farmland drainage, water storage. Interior decoration sound insulation za sound-absorbing; Thermal insulation; The interlayer of the intelligent building can be used to drain the thin board and even to cure the saline-alkali land, desert turning green and so on.

Dimple Drainage Board Characteristics

4. Simple construction
Continuity of production process. The accurate and uniform distance between the lugs of the drain plate is ensured so that the accurate lap joints between the lugs of the edge are guaranteed. The progressiveness of the production technology determines the regularity of the even edge of the drainage panel. Single and double convex plate, various edge dimensions can be used for socket or adhesive bonding, our company’s construction with convex plate socket and self-adhesive dry and warm construction can ensure the quality of edge bonding of the platen. Promote the rapid laying, improve the construction progress, shorten the first phase.

5. Strong flexibility and high compression strength
The tight configuration in the production process, the reasonable design in the convex platform structure and the deployment of the chemical raw material composition make the platform have the softness of high density polyethylene and the hardness of high impact polystyrene, so that the strength of the platform is guaranteed, and the softness is moderate and easy to load and unload, transport, laying and construction.

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